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I haven’t written about fitness for quite a while now, and that’s because over the summer I’ve barely been doing any exercise, which is wonderful. It is usually over the winter that I end up hardly doing any – I have less energy in the winter and it’s cold and dark, so I find it harder to make myself just get on with it.

fitness and fashion

So I don’t know what happened this summer, but I haven’t been able to make myself workout very much at all, which I’m so disappointed about because I’d really got into it for quite a while there, and felt a lot more comfortable with my body.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been forcing myself to exercise again, and so far it’s pretty shit, but I’m determined to get back into it properly and feel good about myself again. Not exercising is making such a lot of difference to the way I feel and it’s getting me down.

So a collaboration with BoohooFIT came at just the right time to get me inspired and back into exercising again. The Boohoo X Couch To 5k combines fitness with fashion and is about how exercise should be about feeling good about yourself – whether you are a gym bunny or not.

Fitness and FashionFitness and Fashion

My relationship with running has been a rocky one – it seems to be all or nothing with me, and I’ve never managed to maintain a pattern of running regularly and therefore improving my time and distance. I do actually think Couch to 5K would be ideal for me; I have no patience and so I always want to be good at something immediately, and then when I find it too hard I give up. So starting to run in stages with something to guide me I think would be good for me.

Since getting into fitness a few years ago I have really got into sportswear. You can get so much lovely stuff to wear when exercising, and I love leggings with a crazy print or a bright sports bra and bright trainers. Sports Luxe has been around for a while now and I do really like that look for everyday wear. I love it that trainers have become cool to wear with jeans again, and I like that I don’t feel stupid or have to look scruffy if I’m doing the school run in sportswear. Sometimes I’ll even get dressed to exercise and never actually get that far, but still feel good in my clothes.

Fitness and FashionFitness and FashionFitness and Fashion

Boohoo have a really great range of fitnesswear in their BoohooFIT range – lots of which could be worn when not working out. They are a great price and there are lots of fun pieces, such as there ‘Squat Goals’ vest which I am wearing, and I found it hard to choose. I got the vest, a pair of cool mesh leggings, and a sweatshirt for around £30, and there are loads of things that I would wear when not exercising.

I really like vests like the ‘Squat Goals’ one for exercising in – I find them quite flattering and comfortable to wear over a sports bra, and I like the shape of the back on this one.

I have plenty of plain black leggings, so I really like these Mesh Panel Capri Leggings. They just add a bit more interest to your sportswear, which I like a lot.

Fitness and FashionFitness and FashionFitness and FashionFitness and Fashion

I have been exercising a little more, and I hope that I can keep it up and get to the point where I’m (kind of) enjoying it again. I’d like to get into running properly, but I can’t really see me doing that over the winter.

Do you care about what you wear when you’re exercising? Do you have any tips to keep exercising regularly? Please let me know if you do!

Thanks to Boohoo for collaborating with me on this post.

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