For the Love of Denim // The Summer Denim Edit

I have a bit of a thing for denim at the moment. I mean, I always adore it – my skinny jeans are pretty much permanently stuck to my legs – but I’m branching out into other areas and covering myself in different styles of denim.

Maybe it’s because denim skirts and dresses are back in again so I’m seeing them everywhere, or maybe I’m just so naturally stylish that I know what to look for, but I’m really loving the look. After living in a particular couple of denim skirts during my teenage years (I can neither confirm or deny that I still have them) as well as one particularly horrendous knee-length one, I seriously NEVER thought I’d be into them again. But I freaking love them – they’re so easy to chuck on with a t-shirt and converse or sandals, and like my jeans I don’t have to wash them much (what?).

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Is anyone else ok with things coming back around again? I can’t actually believe I’m old enough for fashion to have been around and then come all the way back round again – but most of the time I like that ‘thing’ again. But my mum has always hated clothing that has come back in fashion after she wore it when she was younger. Which is why she’s hated lots of my clothing over the years – peddle pushers included (I bet they’ll be back again soon).

I thought I’d put together a few of my favourite high-street pieces at the moment and a few bits to wear them with. I may or may not own some of them already. Don’t tell my mum. Or my sister, or… why I am still getting in trouble for buying things at 32?? Shit, I’m still 31. It is my birthday soon though – all gifts accepted.

There are so many different styles and different items in the shops at the moment; dungarees, pinafores, long and short denim skirts, simple dresses as well as all of the varieties and colours of jeans available.

The Summer Denim Edit


The Summer Denim Edit

I love a denim jacket in the summer. It’s the perfect cover up when it’s a bit chilly, and goes with everything. I bought this black one this year and I really like it with a pretty summer dress to edge it up a little bit.

Denim midi skirts are everywhere this summer and I love (and have) this one from New Look. It’s a really flattering length on me, which doesn’t come easy with midi skirts and being a bit of a short-arse, and it’s really easy to wear with so many different things. This shorter length denim skirt from Topshop is also really flattering, and lovely with a simple t-shirt and converse. This year I am all about clothes that are good for the school run – they look decent, are easy to throw on in a mad rush, and don’t flash my boobs or bum (too much).

I’m not particularly a fan of 70’s fashion – mostly because I don’t think it really suits me, and it’s just not really my style – although I do like it on other people. But I absolutely love this denim dress from Vero Moda at ASOS. It’s a really soft, thin denim so it’s perfect for summer, it’s a really nice length, and I really like the pale blue colour. I love it with a loose-ish vest underneath; I think it looks really casual and cool, especially with my good old white Converse.

I’ve talked about my love for Topshop jeans many a times, but sometimes in the summer I want a slightly looser style than the Leigh’s or the Jamie’s – all that clingyness when it’s roasting is not so lovely. I really like the slim, but slightly baggy fit of the Lucas jeans, and I like these blue denim ones with rips (mainly so those hilarious people in my life can make the joke that I’ve got holes in my jeans).

Denim is such a staple for me all year round, but especially in the summer, when it’s not buurning hot, but still warm, and this year my favourite outfit is just a plain t-shirt with a denim skirt, and some sandals. I love how versatile it is.

Do you have a thing for denim? Would you wear any of these? 

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