The Four Sites Not to Miss in Canada

Canada is such a vast expanse of land with so many different travelling combinations rolled into one. For the adventurers there are thousands of hiking opportunities, stunning landscapes to discover and wildlife to catch in action. For the cosmopolitan jetsetter, there are the hectic cities and the skylines that seem to go on forever.


For those of you out there who want to get the most of your trips to Canada, I’d recommend seeing a variety of different attractions. The following are my top four sites that you simply can’t afford not to see…

1. Lake Louise, Banff National Park

This is one of the most iconic Canadian backdrops, and its image has been used the world over to capture the picturesque nature of what the Banff National Park has to offer. Lake Louise has crystal-clear turquoise waters, surrounded by dense, luscious forest and is topped with snowy-peaked mountains in the background. Clearly, this is a photographer’s dream, but it’s the perfect place for anyone wanting some tranquillity away from the stresses of modern life.

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario


As one of the world’s natural wonders, Niagara Falls should be at the very top of your bucket-list. You can take a Hornblower river cruise right up to the very base of the Falls and feel the spray as the waters hit your face (and clothes). You could tour the local wine country, famous for its award-winning tipples and tasty food pairings. Or better still, stay in the luxury of the Marriott hotel in Niagara Falls, and you’ll have the pleasure of waking up to the best view that the town has to offer.

3. Northern Lights, Yukon

Let’s not forget that Canada is also home to another natural phenomenon though – head to the right place and your skyward glances will be met with the dancing blue, green and purple hues of the Northern Lights. This is a truly magical experience, and for the best chance at seeing them, head for the Yukon plains to the north west, and you’ll even be able to tie in some dog-sledding while you’re there. The Yukon is also the perfect place for culture-lovers, as it’s home to some of the very finest First Nation artefacts, and you’ll hear many stories of Yukon heritage, music and art.

4. Signal Hill, Newfoundland

If you’re travelling to the rugged lands of Newfoundland, then it’s your duty to visit the historic Signal Hill. As St. John’s most popular landmark, Signal Hill is a symbol of the town’s great battle triumphs from the 17 th Century right up to the harbour defences of the Second World War. Plus, as it’s surrounded by some of the best scenery you could hope for, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are many coastal hikes to go on amidst breath-taking views of the Atlantic.

I hope this has shown you just how diverse the Canadian plains can be. Are you planning a trip out there soon?

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