4 Things All Cat Owners Needs to Know

I think you’re either a cat person or a dog person. I’m not sure I know many people that are both. We are certainly cat people with our little feline friend, Daisy. Having a pet cat is so rewarding as they are so loving and gentle. It isn’t always that way, though. No one gets a new kitten or cat with the hope that it will misbehave or destroy the house. Sometimes things do get scratched and ruined a little bit. So what goes wrong? Often it is that we cat owners are the ones that don’t get things quite right. The cat often gets the blame, but there are things that we can do better for our cat. So here’s a little list of some of the things you shouldn’t forget if you own a cat.

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Scratching is a Normal Cat Behaviour

You might think that you need to get your cat declawed as you can’t bear the thought of them scratching your leather sofa or pawing at your carpet. It is quite normal for cats to scratch, though. It has shown to be quite beneficial to cats; for their physical and emotional needs. So yes, they will want to scratch. Heck, it’s good for them. The best thing to do is to get a tall, proper and durable scratch post. So they will learn to scratch that instead of objects around the home.

Regularly Visit the Vet

Wherever you got your cat from and whatever age they are, they need to see a vet fairly regularly. Twice a year is a good idea for cats that are a little bit older. Your cat can behave differently if they have an illness or underlying health problem. So take them to see a vet if their behaviour changes quite a bit. Worming for cats needs to be regular too. They can pick up worms from their adventures outside, and it can affect them badly.


Cats love to be active and to play. They are hunters essentially, so they like to be on the move. Play with your cat! It is as simple as that. Often they will wander around happily by himself. But having some toys that you can play with them will help their energy but make them happy. It is a good bonding thing for the both of you too.

Think about the Litter Box

Your cat will be happiest if they can have a litter box area that has a little privacy. Quieter areas of the house are a great idea. Often we just set it up somewhere that is convenient for us. It should be the other way around, though. We need to think what is convenient for our cat. Make sure that it is cleaned regularly too. You should think about the type of litter box and the type of litter you use as well. We can be picky about where we do our business; so can our cats!

Are you a cat owner? I’d love to hear your top tips for cat ownership.

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