Friday Faves and Fails #4

Ahh Friday – it’s so good to see you. I’m weirdly feeeling less Christmassy than I was a few weeks ago, depsite it being December now. I feel like it isn’t time to wear Christmas jumpers yet or put up the decorations (although I won’t do that for a week or two still), and I can’t quite believe it’s so close to Christmas now.

Faves and Fails

Friday Faves and Fails

Here are some of my favourite things and some fails from this week.


  • Making our house more of a home. I’ve talked about improving our home quite a bit recently, and there’s still loads to do, but there’s a few little places that I really like around the house now and it feels more homely and much nicer.
  • Ava has been better at school, which is such a huge relief. She did get pretty upset this morning and didn’t want to go, but generally it’s been ok.
  • The Good Wife – I’m really loving watching this on Netflix at the moment. I really like a lot of the characters and the relationships and I really look forward to Netflix and chilling (literally) every night.

Faves and Fails

  • Conversations with Ava – she comes out with some crazy stuff and I love listening to her. Yesterday we were reading her school book together, and she pointed to a ‘ck’ within a word – “Diagraph”, she says, “Pardon?” says I – “Diagraph. A Diagraph is two letters making one sound”. Well okay then!
  • Candles! I keep lighting them during the day whilst I’m working on these dull days, and I’ve been really enjoying the cosy atmosphere and subtle scents drifting around the room during the day.

Faves and Fails


  • Life! Life is hard isn’t it? Sometimes there are just some things that you can do nothing about and you just have to try and live through them and keep going.
  • This bloody cough! I can’t shift it and I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now. It really hurts and it’s exhausting and the sheer force of it keeps giving me migraines.
  • The boiler leaking through the floorboards into the kitchen, again, just in a different area, to really give the kitchen ceiling a really nice brown water stain effect. And just when I’d finally started to get the ‘study/my office’ sorted and make it nicer. Now the storage unit is pulled right out in case the boiler leaks again, until we get it sorted. FML ;)
  • Drinking too much wine, eating too much cheese, and doing no exercise.
  • Ava suddenly being scared of everything – mostly people dressed up as monsters which I don’t entirely get. She won’t go to bed on her own, but worse than that, she won’t be in a different room to me most of the time; it’s exhausting and difficult.

Hope you’ve had a great week, and have a wonderful weekend!

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