Friday Faves and Fails #2

F-f-f-f-friday at last! This week has been a little bit, nay, a lot, shit. I’ve had a really bad migraine for most of the week, have barely been sleeping, and it’s been a very tough week. Plus I’ve had so much work to do, which is great but I feel like instead of getting it done I have just spent my days responding to emails. And I need to get ahead this week, as I am away some of next week. Anyway – at least it’s the weekend. Enough complaining! I feel like I nearly always start off these posts with a bit of a whinge – but I just like to be honest with you! There’s no point in pretending everything’s rosey all the time, is there? But do tell me if you’d prefer that and I’ll sugarcoat everything a bit for you, mmmk?

friday faves

Here are a few of my favourite things, and a few of my fails, this week…


  1. The sunshine! It’s been so beautiful this week, and I absolutely love it. I even went for a run by the river, which is shocking I know – I just felt like I wanted to keep going after Race for Life – figuratively, not literally of course; I actually wanted to take off my trainers and lie on the grass after it, and so that’s what I did. Anyway, last year I also went for a run by the river on a lovely sunny day, and it was the only bloody run I did all year. Which bodes well for this year.


2. Barefoot Wine‘s new Malbec – I was sent this bottle of wine to try and I really enjoyed drinking it over a few evenings. I can be quite fussy with red wines – I tend not to like anything too heavy, so I thought the chances of me not liking it were pretty high – but I really liked it, and would definitely buy it again; it’s really nice and smooth, and perfect for drinking in the summer months. It’s a Californian Malbec, and I know it’s not important, but I really like the bottle! It’s a luscious red wine with juicy flavours, and I totally got that from my own head and not the bottle. It apparently has notes of blackberry, currant and vanilla, and hints of toasted oak. Malbec is becoming more and more popular, and this one is award-winning – it won a Double Gold Medal and Best of Class at the Los Angeles International Wine Competition in 2015. It costs £6.99.

barefoot malbec

3. Summer dresses – I love being able to just throw a pretty summer dress on in the morning with some sandals and be done. They are comfy so I can stay in them all day whilst working at home, rather than changing into my trusty leggings – but they’re nice enough to do the school run in.

4. Cups of tea – they are keeping me going at the moment. When I was pregnant I limited myself to one real cup of tea each day, and then had something like green tea or raspberry leaf tea for the rest of the day. After that I still stuck with one a day because my sleep seems to be affected by the tiniest thing. However, over the last six months I kind of drink as much as will fit inside me (until 3pm when I try to stop). I weirdly don’t have much of an appetite during the day at the moment, so tea is kind of keeping me going – healthy I know.

5. Being able to print out photos whenever I feel like it – it makes such a difference having a printer that I can actually rely on, and I’m finally printing out photos again for the first time in years. I love, love, love not having to take my memory card to a shop and fanny about with all that.

hp printer review prints

6. Ava when she says something is ridiculous – it’s new this week and she can’t quite say it right and it’s hilarious and very cute. Yesterday as we were going into nursery there were kids playing loudly (of course) outside – she put her hands over her ears and said “Everyone’s screaming, and it’s so loud – it’s ridiclious” :)

7. Taking Ava into nursery later than normal one day and watching loads of people run up to her shouting “Ava” all excitedly! I know kids – she’s pretty amazing, isn’t she.


  1. Talking in my last Friday Faves and Fails about planning to start using my gym membership and going to classes again, and then not doing that. It’s still the plan, Stan, but I haven’t pulled my finger out and gone yet. Busy, busy, busy – which I know is no excuse.
  2. My bloody, shitting migraines.
  3. The fact that we didn’t get our first (or second) choice of school for A – I can’t stop thinking about it, or accept it. It just affects everything so much. The trips to the lovely park we go to after nursery won’t happen anymore, or popping to see Grandma, because the school she’s ‘going to’ (I’m still in denial) is in completely the opposite direction. I’m so, so sad about it.
  4. Clonking my friends’ baby’s head on a lightshade in a restaurant – go me. Luckily it was quite gently and she didn’t seem to mind.

I hope you’ve had a happy week and are enjoying the sunshine!


  1. 10th June 2016 / 6:29 pm

    I hope you’re migraine has cleared off now. I don’t think I could survive without tea! The Rose barefoot wine is delicious as well, the moscato I think it is. Worth a try if you haven’t already! xx

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