Friday Faves and Fails #3

Hellooooo Friday – you’ve been a long time coming this week. The first week of school runs is almost complete, and unfortunately that has coincided with me being poorly, so I haven’t even ended up taking her myself everyday, which is not ideal. I really did not have time this week to be ill, but never mind – I just can’t wait to feel normal again, and not like I’ve swallowed a razorblade and am in a sauna constantly. Isn’t it shitty that at the times you really need to look after yourself, you really can’t be bothered – I need smoothies, and warm lemon, and moisturiser, and I can’t do much but lie down.

friday faves

Here are a few of my favourite things, and a few of my fails, this week…


  • My new Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine! I’ve always wanted a pretty coffee machine at home, but didn’t want anything else clogging up the side in the kitchen, and plus I stopped drinking coffee a few years ago after it started making me feel crappy! But I wanted to start letting myself having one cup of black coffee every morning – I’m knackered, all the time, and now I have to do the school run five days a week I need more caffeine! Plus we got some Amazon vouchers so it was good timing. I’m loving my two cups a day so far. #fail

  • Ava starting school! I’m just so excited and happy for her. It’s all going really well so far and she’s made a little group of friends already apparently (we got that from a teacher, not from her – she won’t tell us anything!).

friday faves

  • My new Daith piercing – post coming soon all about it.
  • Ava cuddles – the best thing ever when I’m feeling rotten.
  • A good friend getting some brilliant news that will give her and her family a better life.
  • Ava singing “you and me got a whole lotta history” – cuute!


  • Getting poorly in Ava’s first week at school – I have a really horrible and painful cold and am having horrible hot sweats and I feel awful. Really bad timing as I need to take A to school everyday and pick her up three hours later as she’s only doing mornings at the moment. I just want to sleeeeeep.
  • Ava is soooo tired after school and she is mardy as hell. Asking her to come and eat her lunch – hissy fit, asking her to go to the loo – GIANT hissy fit. It’s lots of fun.


  • Finishing Pretty Little Liars when there aren’t anymore to watch. Big fail.
  • Being late for school on the second day because we got completely stuck behind a huge lorry and a van outside the school, and there was literally nowhere for me to move to. If I’d pulled up behind the lorry and parked then I would have added to the problem, and I couldn’t reverse back down the road because more and more cars kept coming up behind me and there were also cars parked on both sides. Nobody. moved. for. 15. minutes. It was infuriating and stressful when we were sat in the red hot sun, with me feeling like hell, and Ava needing to get to school.
  • One of my best mummy friends going back to work after maternity leave – one less lady to lunch with; booooo.

Hope you’ve had a great week, and I hope it has gone well for everyone who had kids starting school this week

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