It’s Friday I’m in Love {+ My Simple Winter Goals}

Hello. It’s Friday. Thank goodness.

This week has dragged for some reason and it felt like it should be Friday on Tuesday, which it wasn’t of course, which meant we had to plough through another three days before we arrived safely at the weekend.

That’s how I’m feeling at the moment; like I’m having to plough through life, which is a bit sad isn’t it. I’ve just had so much going on personally and so much constantly on my mind and I’m struggling with it all. I’m not getting a lot of sleep either which doesn’t help of course.

I’m feeling so bloody anxious all of the time and I am just never able to switch off. I am constantly thinking “what’s next, what’s next?” and losing focus on what I’m already doing. It’s a totally vicious circle because I need to give myself a break and take things a bit easier whilst I’ve got so much going on in my personal life, but then I get more overwhelmed because I have so much I still need to do.

So I thought I would share a few simple winter goals that I’d like to try and stick to, to try and help my mind settle a bit.

My Simple Winter Goals

Put my phone down more

Ahh this old chestnut. I’ve talked about doing this many, many times (haven’t we all) and still fail badly at it. But I know it’s not good for me to pick my phone up and check the same three apps every thirty seconds. It’s unnecessary and stops me from ever switching off. Surely I can watch something on tv for forty minutes without picking my phone up?

Go to bed earlier {at least sometimes}

I’m the worst for going to bed late when I’m feeling shitty. I don’t want the next day to be there yet, or have to get up early and do the school run again yet, so I stay up stupidly late, drink wine and ignore the fact that I’m an idiot for far too long. But, I can’t cope with no sleep and everything becomes even less manageable than before, so it’s stupid that I do this. I know it, and yet I struggle to get out of the habit, but I must. I must.

I am going to try harder to at least get some early nights, and embrace the winter darkness. I love bed so I don’t know why I don’t want to be there.

Go easier on myself

I am my own worst enemy, and I never think I am good enough. I have so many insecurities and feelings of inadequacy and I know that is common, especially amongst women, and especially in today’s social media heavy world. But I’m just making myself feel shit for no reason.

So I want to try to be a bit easier on myself, and look after myself a bit too. I want to try and stop comparing myself to others and remember that we only see their highlight reel online. I never ever feel completely relaxed, so I need to work on that in simple ways this winter. I’d like a massage as I haven’t had one for absolutely ages, and my back is full of tension, and I’d like to take more naps in the day. I find it hard to let myself do that because it means less time to work, but sometimes getting the sleep is more important, and then I can hopefully be more focused when I am working.

Because my god I cannot focus on anything properly at the moment. My head is so full of different thoughts, things to remember, and so many worries, that I just can’t concentrate at all and it feels horrible. So I need to try to make things better for myself now and hopefully start to relax about everything a bit more and enjoy life more again.

What will be will be. There’s no point in stressing about it all and making yourself unhappy in the process.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week xx


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