Georgie the Interactive Puppy // A Review

My little girl absolutely loves dogs. Her aunty and uncle have a black lab called Frank, and so she was introduced to dogs from when she was very young, and she has grown up with him greeting her with excitement, licking her face, and knocking her over.

georgie the interactive puppy

She loves our our two cats a lot, but I know she would absolutely love to have a dog of our own. Unfortunately if we got a dog, we would never see our scaredy cats again, plus I’m not up for walking a dog twice a day at this point in my life.

However, we recently got a new puppy anyway! Georgie the Interactive Puppy, is the perfect new pet for us right now! I knew Ava would absolutely love him, so I was very excited to give him to her.

georgie the interactive puppy

Georgie is an interactive electronic dog who responds to his owner (Ava obviously – he does like to ignore me) with 12 voice commands that include High Five, Let’s Dance, Sit, Selfie (Ava’s favourite!), and more. But he actually has 100 interactions altogether, including burping and trumping at random times! He’ll also whine when he’s feeling a bit neglected.

georgie the interactive puppy toygeorgie the interactive puppy

He is very realistic with really soft plush fur, and a cute little bark. He wears a red bandana, and comes with a little rubber rope toy that he plays tug of war with. He also comes with a puppy-training guide, adoption certificate, and the box he comes in can be used as a pet carrier, collar, and ID tag. Georgie is a lot of fun to play with and Ava absolutely loves him.

You get him to interact with you by saying ‘Hey Georgie’, and then if he’s listening he barks back at you, and you can then give him your command. You do have to speak to him quite loudly and clearly or he won’t understand you – or maybe he’s just like a real dog and quite often won’t listen! Playing tug of war with him is really fun – you put the rope into his mouth and he pulls backwards on it and growls, like a real dog.

One of the really great things about it, particularly from the parents point of view is that Georgie doesn’t have batteries that constantly need replacing. He comes with a small USB cable that enables him to be charged up easily. We’ve found that he lasts a really good amount of time, and you get a good amount of play time with him before he needs charging again. He can also be switched off underneath his belly, which is great so that you’re not wasting his charge.

My daughter is almost five and she picked up how to use him properly very quickly. She can’t read the written guide yet, but that doesn’t really matter because I can tell her what to say. He is supposedly suitable for children age 6+, but I think as long as your children can speak in sentences then he would be fine for younger ages.

He is expensive for a toy, at £100, but he provides a lot of entertainment and would make a great gift for Christmas if you have more than one child and don’t spend too much on them separately. Of course… he is for life, not just for Christmas! You can also get him quite a bit cheaper if you shop around at the moment. He is currently £79.99 on Amazon.

georgie the interactive puppy

Georgie the interactive puppy is a really lovely toy, and so fun for kids to play with. Ava does a lot of roleplay with her toys so he’s perfect for that. She plays with him every day and really loves him. He’s a brilliant idea for kids who would absolutely love a puppy but for whatever reason cannot have one, and he’s a very cute pup.

Here is a little video of Ava playing with him, if you’d like to see…

We were sent Georgie to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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