Get Outside with these Amazing Outdoor Sports Challenges

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Whether you are looking for a reason to get super fit and you want a goal to work towards or whether you are looking for top active holiday or perhaps you are just wanting to test your fitness, read on for the best activities and challenges to get you out into the outdoors and testing your fitness, stamina and strength.

Lands End to John O’Groats Cycle Challenge

What UK based athlete doesn’t want to be able to say that he has done the longest cycle ride in the country, from the bottom of England, all the way up to the most Northern tip of Scotland. Cycling the length of the UK is surely one of the best way to see the country. The lands end to john o’groats challenge is one of the most popular challenges in the UK, as it allows cyclists to travel through all the majestic terrains of England and Scotland. So if you love cycling, want to explore the best that Britain that has to offer and are open to an amazing fitness challenge, then this could be just the challenge for you.

Learn to Surf

Surfing is a fantastic sport to learn. It is often overlooked as a sport that keeps you really fit, but as all die-hard surfers bodies will tell you, it is one of the most toning and sculpting sports out there. It is something that the whole family can get involved in. Learning how to stand up on a board and building up to riding the waves takes a lot of practice but there is nothing like getting out onto the open waves and cracking this liberating and healthy sport.

Night Races

We all hear and see many races in the daylight, but who has heard of races in the middle of the night? The most famous of night races is the Mighty Deerstalker Rat Race which starts at 17:30 in the afternoon and the 15km race, complete with obstacles, goes right through the pitch-black night. After the course, there is an awesome party afterwards with free food, beer and live music afterwards. The end party is also famous for its crowd-surfing celebrations which go on right until the sun comes up.

Tribal Clash Challenge

One of the most infamously difficult fitness challenges around at the moment is the almighty Tribal Clash. This is Europe’s largest team fitness challenge and is a CrossFit style competition that offers an amazing atmosphere and a real test of fitness and stamina over a two day period. Participants will start by camping on a beach, then upon waking up surrounded by thousands of ameteur athletes, will spend the next two days getting stuck into a wide range of physical challenges. From log chucking to tyre flipping, high intensity circuit training, this challenge is certainly not for the faint hearted.

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