Get Rid Of The Garage And Get Fit Instead!


If you’re not one that likes going to the gym, but you really want to get fit and you have an old garage that’s hanging around – put two and two together! Garages nowadays aren’t even used to store away vehicles; they’re just used to hide all the rubbish you don’t want anyone else seeing. So what better way to use it than making your own home gym?

No more nerves about working out in front of people, no more gym memberships, and no more excuses on why you haven’t worked out for the past week!

Here’s how to convert your garage into your very own home gym.


The gym equipment you need will all depend on what kind of session you plan on having. If you’re not really a heavy weight lifter, you may only need a few light weights to use as extra resistance when doing squats for example. Gym equipment can end up being rather pricey, so you may want to consider looking at some home improvement personal loans so you can afford what you need.


If your garage has already been insulted, there will be a lot less for you to worry about, but if it hasn’t been, you’ll need to get that sorted first to make sure no drafts can get it. You will also need to get a new door that is insulated steel.

When it gets cold in the winter, you can invest in a heater that would be put near the garage door, so it can heat up the whole area enough so you can use it all year round.

Increased headroom and security

Depending on the size of your garage will determine whether you need to alter it to suit a gym. Bear in mind that you will want the garage to be taller than you are by at least another four foot. This will mean you have enough space to jump, do pull-ups and weightlifting.


As well as the room you will need to get a good workout in; you will also want some extra space for storage. Somewhere to keep any excess equipment like mats and loose weights, along with towels and anything else you will need.

You can either install shelves around the room, a cupboard, or even a little room with a door that you can close away your things inside.

If you do get some shelves, make sure you don’t put too much weight on them otherwise they may fall down and damage your gym equipment or even yourself.


You can’t use your cold concrete floor as this could be very dangerous and won’t feel nice when working out in general. You will want to install something that is solid, but that gives way a little under your feet to avoid any hard impacts when jumping like when using a jump rope or jogging. If you plan on doing some floor activities like yoga, it’s wise to have a mat underneath you anyway just for extra comfort.

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