Get The Most Out Of Your Small Garden


If you have a relatively small garden, you shouldn’t be disheartened – there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy it regardless of its size. Think of it this way, the smaller the garden  – the more sunny rays you can steal in the summertime, plus the size will give it a more intimate feel too, perfect for hiding away when you need a break from the real world.

They are also a lot easier to manage while saving you time and money. So owning a smaller garden really isn’t a bad thing at all!

Here are some easy tricks that you can learn, that will maximise the space that you have.


We all know how mirrors use their power to create the illusion of a bigger room within our home, but did you know that they can work their wonders outside too?

The idea remains the same; place them in an area where they have something to reflect back, so ideally somewhere there are different coloured flowers and greenery. Just make sure the mirror is secure and not just balancing against something!

Add movement

A lovely way to make your garden come alive is with water. You don’t need to invest in a pond – you probably don’t have the room for that anyway – but a miniature water feature can work lovely by adding that sense of free flowing movement, without going overboard.

Hanging planters

If you don’t want to use up any more ground space than you have to, then why not hang some upside down planters instead? You can suspend them on pretty much whatever you want, whether that be your fence, chair, or even tree branch. You could even consider planting them with tomatoes seeds or different herbs so that you can use them for your cooking or salads.

You can easily make these yourself too if you prefer to save your money. All you need is an empty milk carton or any plastic containers that you have.

Go vertical

If you’re not able to plant outwards because of space – go upward. Remember that there are no restrictions when it comes to gardening. If you really wanted to, you could plant spirals!

Planting vertically not only makes your garden look more interesting, but it will be a lot harder for any pests and diseases to attack them, and we all know what a nightmare that can be if you’re unlucky enough to have that happen to you.

Tiered planters

A tiered planter is a great way to add a unique new element to your garden, while still giving you space left to roam around. You can fill them with all sorts of shrubs and flowers to give some texture and depth compared to an ordinary plant pot.

Careful with the colours

Colour schemes in your garden are just as important as they are inside your home, if not more so.

Depending on the vibe you want will determine what colours you should play with. Warm colours like reds, pinks, and oranges work great at making an area feel more intimate and playful, while cooler colours like purples and blues will add more depth. And the neutral tones like different shades of green help create a space to get lost in.

Create a feature

Just because your garden isn’t huge, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a feature, you will just have to make sure the proportion works within the space that you have without it looking too overpowering. Features are a great way to draw the eye in and add a real sense of style and purpose to the garden, making any guests fall in love with it as soon as they step outside.

You will want something that is compact enough to not drown the garden, but pretty enough to look at all day long. This could be a small ornament, a bird bath, or even a stunning cluster of flowers. The key to getting it right is all about the placement, so keep moving things around until you find that sweet spot.

Faux grass

Depending on the sort of garden you have, investing in some astroturf could really make your space come to life. Some people have a yard full of concrete slabs, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but you may want to give it more of a nature enhanced feel, so grass is a brilliant way to do that.

Use containers

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways that you can use any plastic containers that you may have lying around your kitchen to grow things out of, and you can put them anywhere, attach them to anything and decorate them however you like. If you do mess something up, just get some more – they are such a cheap alternative to regular plant pots that you can experiment without having to worry about your money. Have a look online at more creative DIY planter ideas.

Raised beds

When having raised beds to hold your plants in is a very efficient way to garden, this is because there are a lot of plants that end up working their way over the edges, which then leaves you more room to add more into the centre, and this happens again and again until you’re left with a whole collection of beautiful pieces.

They add a great focal point to a garden, and also make a delicious fruit and veg patch, as a pose to just flowers. That means you can even be sustainable and eat what you grow.

Make an atmosphere

If you aren’t sure how to do this, picture going to a restaurant or bar in the summer. When you’re sitting outside and you feel so good, what is it around you that makes you feel that way? Is it the lights, the background music, the candles or all three and more?

There are so many little touches you can add to a garden that just makes it that little bit more magical, so close your eyes and think about what atmosphere you want your space to have.

Play with the height

If your garden is all on one level, consider adding a few steps, even if it’s just from the door to your garden; playing around with the levels can add texture and separate the garden so it seems like there’s more to it (even if there isn’t.) You can also do this with arches to give off the impression of a different room or area altogether.

Vary the sizes

Don’t keep everything the same size otherwise that will just look flat and boring. It’s all about creating perspective if you want to play with a limited amount of space. So start scattering different sized plants around your garden.


Because of the small space that you have, it’s a good idea to add things that serve a few different purposes, that way you can reduce the amount of items you add – creating more space for you to move around in.

So if you can find things like benches that can also be used as storage, or a table that serves as a planter too – you will be well on your way at making your garden perfect. So browse patio furniture online and see what you can find. You might even come up with your own clever ideas just by looking at them.

Respect your privacy

When owning a smaller garden, it’s very easy to be overlooked by your neighbours and others who are surrounding that area. It’s simple for people to look over a hedge or through a gap in the fence, and although you may like your neighbours – you deserve to have your own secluded area without people being able to disturb that. So protect your privacy by strategically placing plants and arches. – If you want to sunbathe in your garden, you should feel comfortable enough to do so without worrying someone is going to pop their head around the corner.

Attract wildlife

Who doesn’t want to sit out in their garden and hear the sound of the birds singing as the sun shines down on their face? That is just the dream, so make your garden animal-friendly by adding a feeder to the side of the tree, or a bird bath. Plus, another benefit of welcoming in the wildlife is that you get a natural form of pest control!

Hide the boundaries

If your garden is surrounded by a fence or wall, and that is visible, then it’s going to be very apparent how small your garden actually is because you see where it ends. One way you can tackle this is by hiding the boundary line with things like climbing vines, so no one really knows where your garden stops and starts.

Now you have some tips and tricks to creating a bigger space, play around with the ideas and see what you find works best for you. Whether you use all the ideas here or just a couple, you should see a big difference in your garden appearance.

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