The Good Wife, Leopard Print, and Trolls #LittleLoves

Oh what a week! By Tuesday I thought that it must be nearly the end of the week, but alas, it is just that this week is the longest of all weeks ever to have lived. I think I’ve gone a bit insane, can you tell? My baby girl has been having a bit of a tough time at school over the last week or so, and there’s been a shitload of tears almost every morning before school, and every evening when she starts thinking about school; hers and mine. It’s been shit to say the least! I hope you’ve had a better week than mine.

little loves

Welcome to this weeks Little Loves!


Ava’s school books – well I say read, but at the moment she is ‘reading ‘ ones without any words and they bore me to tears, and her I think too. She’s totally ready to read a few simple books now; she tries to read every word she sees around us.

Other than that I don’t think I’ve really read anything, but here’s a pretty picture of my new sparkly espresso cup, and a magazine, so I can imagine that I’ve had time to read it.



I started watching The Good Wife after I finished (and really enjoyed!) How to Get Away With Murder. I’d come across The Good Wife loads over the years when flicking through channels on TV, but it’s on Netflix now so I thought I’d give it a try when it was recommended as something I might like by the people inside my Netflix. And I do like it! It’s nice and easy to watch, and I like the characters. It’s not as dramatic or intense as something like HTGAWM, but I’m enjoying it.


ALL the jumpers! I’m so tired and I just want to be snuggly and warm.

I did also wear these lovely Leopard print boots (from Primark!) for the first time and they were suprisingly comfy, especially with my wide old feet…

little loves



The Trolls soundtrack! We went to see it last week and Ava has been requesting this song ever since…

It’s a great kiddies film and I found it really funny too. Ava spent lots of time dancing in her seat and it was so cute. We were the last one’s to leave, so Ava and I had a little dance party down the aisle. The man who came in to clean the cinema up liked it I think. The soundtrack is really good – it’s good for kids, but it’s not so ‘kiddy’ that it drives you crazy after two seconds.


I’m not sure I’ve made anything in particular this week. Ava made this ‘candle holder’ at school. Isn’t it pretty?? You can have it for Christmas if you like…

little loves

And Lastly…

I had this Seabass, giant cous cous and charred (burnt) curly kale for dinner one night and it was so tasty. I’ve never had giant cous cous at home and it was so much better than normal itty bitty pants cous cous.

little loves

The weekend is desperately needed after this hellish week, so hopefully it will be reasonably relaxing and we won’t do much. Hope you have a lovely one!


little loves


  1. 18th November 2016 / 9:29 am

    So sorry to hear your little girl is having a tough time at school, it is so hard isn’t it? You just want to keep them safe and you have to let them find their own way. I’m hoping it sorts itself out quickly.
    I really need to take O to see The Trolls movie, everyone is raving about it, it may be a little job for us tomorrow. Love the candle holder ;-) xx
    Not A frumpy mum recently posted..Birthdays, Bobbles & Parents Evening #LittleLovesMy Profile

  2. 18th November 2016 / 11:12 am

    The Good Wife is AMAZING. Definitely easy-watching, but it does get a lot more dramatic as the seasons roll on. You’ll be hooked in no time, and I’m kind of jealous that you get to watch it all for the first time! Love those leopard-print boots, I saw them in Primark yesterday but couldn’t quite imagine them on me so it’s great to see them on someone. Also, that sea bass looks DIVINE. I’ve never tried giant cous cous which seems strange…must rectify. Have a great weekend! #LittleLoves

  3. 18th November 2016 / 9:14 pm

    Sorry hear that your little one has been having a tough time at school. That must be so hard to deal with as a mummy. Fingers crossed things get easier for you soon. Love your leopard print boots! Parker has started bring home artwork and creations from the childminder, I don’t know where to put it all! Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. 19th November 2016 / 1:25 pm

    Sorry to hear you little one’s having a tough time at school. School’s one of the things thats been driving me slightly crazy this week too, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with them for 2 days over the weekend that’s for sure! I didn’t realise Primark shoes came up wide, I’ll definitely have to have a look in there as I usually have to shop in Evans to make sure I can get any to fit my massive feet. Hope next week is better for you x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted..Christmas Plays, Free Weekends and Silky Smooth Hair #littlelovesMy Profile

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