Googly Fruit Organic Kids Snacks | A Review

Googly Fruit are organic snacks for kids made from 100% fruit and veg, and we were recently sent some for Ava (and possibly me!) to try!

Life at Googly Fruit is all about having fun and encouraging little ones to become fruit and veg fans, which is definitely something my daughter needs. She is alright with veg, but she won’t touch any fruit other than bananas, so I’m always trying to find different ways to get some into her.

They are such a fun brand and aim to make their products fun for kids, and help them to build a lifelong relationship with fruit and veg. They make the products appealing to kids by giving all of their fruits and veg fun names (like Suzie Strawberry and Charlie Corn!), googly eyes, and their own engaging personalities, and Ava was definitely drawn to the lovely, colourful packaging and we read the info on the back of the packets together and talked about it.

The Googly Fruit range is made from 100% organic fruit and veg with no added nonsense, and there are squeezy pouches, crunchy pieces of fruit, and crunchy puffs in the range. I sadly couldn’t get Ava to try the pouches at all, she is so damn fussy, but I ate them all and they are so good! The pure fruit ones in particular I actually really enjoyed and I would even have them again! Honestly they are so nice!

The fruit and vegeatable pouches are really practical for on-the-go and really for kids of any age (or adults!). As with all of the Googly Fruit products there are no artificial ingredients, and each pouch contains 100% organic fruit and veg and counts as one of your five-a-day. There are lots of great flavours and I particularly loved the apple, mango and peach flavour. They have loads of flavour but I think kids will love them, and they’re not too sweet either which I find so many other kids ranges to be.

The crunchy fruit pieces have been freeze-dried to turn them into lovely crunchy bites. They’re additive-free and 100% organic and include apple and blueberry, and banana and raspberry. I think they are really nice and a bit different, and Ava likes them too. The apple and blueberry ones are so tasty, although I did wonder what they would taste like as the apple bits do look like little bits of sponge! But they have a lot of flavour too and I could eat way too many of them.

It makes me happy looking at the ingredients and only seeing the fruit or veg listed there, and I would be very happy with Ava eating any of the products regularly. I’m sure most kids would love them.

The crunchy puffs are air-puffed, and are made mainly from corn and coated in carrot powder. They contain just a few drops of sunflower oil, so they’re much better for kids than the crisps we often eat. These don’t appeal as much to me, and I need a bit more flavour (and probably salt, unfortunately), but they are Ava’s favourites. She loves crisps, so I feel much better giving her these and knowing exactly what’s in them.

The brand seem to really care about providing snacks with children’s health at the heart, and the founders themselves are parents who understand that all parents want to do their best for their little ones, especially when it comes to food, and so they created their lovely products. It’s been proven that the sooner children are introduced to a wide range of fruit and veg, the more likely they are to adopt a healthy diet in later life, and these products are a great way to get young kids interested and excited by fruit and vegetables.

There are loads of fun things for kids on the Googly Fruit website to get them interacting and learning about fruit and veg – such as colouring and puzzles, and a competition. There is also a fun ABC book too, which makes learning your ABC’s a breeze and at the same time kids can meet lots of different fruit and vegetable friends.

I think it’s a great range of kids snacks and I’d definitely buy them again; it’s a lovely brand.

Are your children good fruit and veg eaters, or do they need a bit of encouragement? Let me know in the comments!

We were sent some Googly Fruit products to review, but all words and opinions are my own, or Ava’s. See my full disclosure policy here.


  1. 20th June 2017 / 12:19 pm

    These look and sound fab! I love the packaging. I imagine it being so appealing to kids.
    My girls are not too keen on veg but would eat fruit all day long x
    Kim Carberry recently posted..A Fabulous Father’s Day….My Profile

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