Happy Mother’s Day!

Mummy and Ava on Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope all you mums are having a lovely day and being spoiled by your babies. Every year on this day I am reminded how I used to feel every time Mother’s Day rolled around again and I still wasn’t pregnant or a mother, and I remember how tough it was. Now that Mother’s Day has become something different for me I think about how lucky I am and how grateful I am to have my amazing daughter and to have the privilege of being her mother and watching her grow up.

It also makes me think about all of those women who are so desperate to become a mum and how hard this day will be for them. I hope that they all get their wish one day and that their journey getting there is just a little more difficult than for most. I remember how it feels, and I am thinking of you today.

I am also very lucky to have an amazing mother who is always, always there for me and I just want to say thank you to her for loving me so much (she reads all my posts :) and for setting a wonderful example to me as a mother. I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day! xoxo

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  1. 16th March 2015 / 6:22 pm

    Oooh, thank you babe! You made me well up (doesn’t happen often!) Sorry I read this a day late! Love you too xxxx

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