The Healthy List // May

I’ve actually been pretty unhealthy over this last month. I don’t know why but I’ve had a massive craving for biscuits dunked in tea – it’s like it’s the middle of winter or something. I have also barely managed to make myself exercise at all, it’s so annoying. Particularly because I know that as soon as the sun comes out properly and I have to bare more skin, I will wish I had started much earlier. Plus it’s Race for Life on Sunday and I am very unprepared.

healthy list

I’ve become pretty annoyed with myself for not sticking with regular exercise after doing so well with it for so long, and feeling a lot happier with my body. I’ve been quite lucky I think and have probably only put a couple of pounds on and my body hasn’t changed much, but I’m sure I’ve probably lost some of the muscle tone I had built up. I feel so determined to get back on it, but I’m just seriously struggling to make myself do it.

Despite being generally pretty unhealthy (for me at least) this last few weeks, I still have some healthy things that I have been enjoying.

The Healthy List

Coconut Oil

I love Coconut Oil so much, and use it for everything – for cooking with, for moisturising my body with, as a face cleanser, on A’s eczema (and sore bottoms!), and when I’m not completely failing I add it in my smoothies too. I love Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil.


I was sent a box of these natural organic snacks to try, and I really like them and the idea. Kuxxin is a subscription box service where you receive five full size healthy snacks to your door monthly. They are all free from preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, refined sugars and GMOs. You can cancel or delay your subscription at any time, and whilst at £20 a month it is not cheap – if you have the money and want the convenience or the encouragement to snack more heathily then these are lovely, good quality snacks.



I also mentioned this in my monthly favourites, but despite the general feel-good factor of a massage, I really am doing it for the potential health benefits. I am getting so many migraines at the moment and hold so much tension in my neck and shoulders, and I think massage could help. It’s also about the only time I can completely switch off and relax, and although I do still struggle to completely stop my brain from thinking a million thoughts, at least I am away from my phone for once!

Epsom Salt Baths

I love having regular Epsom Salt or Magnesium Flake baths – they’re great for replenishing Magnesium in our bodies (which most of us are apparently short of), and also for soothing aching muscles.

Have you been loving anything healthy this month? Inspire me to get back on it please!


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  1. 12th June 2016 / 7:27 pm

    We’ve been seriously unhealthy here lately. Starting tomorrow we are back on the healthy eating bandwagon! I hadn’t thought of coconut oil for sore bottoms! Shall have to try that one out xx
    There’s always time for tea recently posted..Happy Days #15My Profile

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