Hola from Spain!

As I am writing this we are on our way to Logrono from San Sebastián, via a shop that sells croissants, and also via Pamplona for a couple of hours.

The view from San Sebastian beach

We are in Spain and Portugal for a month altogether for our family honeymoon. We got the ferry into Santander and we are driving in our own car between the places. We decided that would be better than getting a plane over to Spain and then getting internal flights, as even though it actually costs a bit more it means we can have all of our stuff in the car rather than just a suitcase each and also that we can leave a place when we are ready rather than having to be somewhere at a certain time to catch a flight.

However I am slightly regretting that decision as the ferry over here was very rocky and we all got very seasick. We were fine the first evening but I was awake for five hours during the night as it was quite like being on a ride tipping forwards and backwards all night and then in the morning we were all so seasick and Ava actually threw up at breakfast which was lovely.

We’re trying to forget about that now though, and have spent a lovely couple of days in San Sebastián. It’s a beautiful city with a really lovely beach that we have spent quite a bit of time on. It is absolutely rammed at the moment as it is the summer holidays but Ava has absolutely adored jumping and playing in the sea and she never wanted to leave (unless there was the possibility of an ice cream!).

Ava in San SebastianChurch in San Sebastian

We stayed at the Hotel Zenit in San Sebastián which was very modern and very nice. The room was really spacious even with a bed for Ava in it, the bathroom huge with a double shower including a waterfall shower and was completely spotless. One day the cleaners arranged Ava’s toys in a really cute way on the bed and a hanging light – I love little touches like that.

However for us the hotel was a bit far out of the centre with around a fifteen to twenty minute walk depending on where we were going. Because it was a hotel rather than an apartment and because the Spanish don’t eat their dinner until at least 8pm it meant that we had to go back to the hotel and get ready and then go back out with quite a long walk for Ava’s tired little legs. We do want to try and get in a little routine with a siesta or at least a rest and then Ava will hopefully last the evening ok. If we’d had an apartment but were further out like we were then that would have been ok because we could have made our own dinner rather than going back out.

San SebastianSan Sebastian BeachBy the beach in San Sebastian

San Sebastián is very expensive to stay and so we had to stay further out, but it was a bit of a pain. We did get the bus a few times, but even that was a bit of a walk to the nearest bus stop.

We loved San Sebastián though, it’s a lovely city and feels very safe. We enjoyed lots of pinxtos in the Old Town and probably the best chorizo we’ve ever had (Ava destroyed it!) and it was nice standing around ordering different small dishes of food and letting Ava run around us.

The beach in San SebastianHotel Zenit San Sebastian

We are looking forward to going to Logrono now and having a hotel that is more central, as well as lots of Rioja! I’d also love to do a bit of grape squishing with my feet too if we find somewhere that does it!

Have you ever been to San Sebastián or Logrono? Do you have any remedies for sea sickness?! Please share if you do!


    • 29th August 2015 / 9:05 am

      I’m a bit anxious about the way back, but yes it’s great thanks. We are really loving Logrono xx

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