Honeymoon Planning and Excitement

Last night was very exciting. It’s a bank holiday this weekend so on Sunday night we stayed up a lot later than we usually would. Most evenings we are both so tired that we tend to just sit and watch television; often with him watching something I don’t like on TV and me watching Netflix on my laptop or sat blogging. We’re together but we’re not really. We like watching things together but we don’t have much that we both want to watch at the moment. I like Suits – he doesn’t, he likes House of Cards and Breaking Bad – I don’t (am I the only one in the world?). So we end up watching things separately.

Family on Holiday

But last night we sat down together and excitedly searched for apartments and hotels to stay at for our honeymoon. We spent hours finding the perfect places for us to stay in both Spain and Portugal and it made us so excited and happy thinking about our little family staying in these places and exploring these countries together. We pictured ourselves at the end of a busy day in the sunshine, on the little balcony with the wrought iron and the tiny table and chairs and the bottle of red wine, reminiscing about our day and the fun we’d had, and chatting about what Ava had got up to. We imagined how we’d buy some bread and chorizo and manchego and take it up to our little kitchen and enjoy a little feast together.

The thought of having a whole four weeks together, just us, with no worries of work or housework, and every day to just enjoy, explore, eat and drink and just be together and live it is just incredible. I am weighed down at the moment with how much I have to do; wedding planning and clearing and organising and improving our entire house and getting it ready to sell, as well as being a mother, a girlfriend, dealing with a lot of migraines and other health issues, and struggling with being able to sleep, and I don’t like to whinge, but like I’ve mentioned before recently – I’m struggling.

I’m happy, really I am – I’m just freaking exhausted and not feeling good. I’m so excited for our wedding day and an entire day celebrating with our loved ones. I can’t bloody wait. Thinking about our honeymoon as a family just makes me so delighted and it was really lovely spending a good few hours together picturing it all and planning our adventures. We ended up booking about five apartments and hotels, as well as the ferry over to Santander and it now just feels so much more real! I think it will be amazing for us, and I can’t wait.

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