Ideas For Working Exercise Around Your Family

When we have babies our bodies change. We go from being toned and tight to wobbly in areas that before we weren’t. Of course, this is all part of motherhood and is perfectly natural. That being said, seeing your body looking so different to how it used to look can be incredibly upsetting. Especially, when you feel powerless to do anything about it.

I mean, when you’ve got a baby or toddler to look after, it seems impossible to fit any kind of exercise into your day. The good news is that it’s not impossible, it might be more of a struggle to make exercise part of your life but it is doable. To help you get your exercise regime back on track post-baby, I thought I would share some ideas for working your workouts around family life.

Start the day with yoga

You may no longer be able to head to an early morning yoga class but you can still start the day with it. Using an at-home DVD or YouTube, each morning before your little ones get up, practice yoga. This will not only help to tone your body, but it will also help to prepare you for the stresses and strains of the day. If yoga isn’t your thing, pilates could be a good alternative. Start the day in a relaxed state and you’ll find life is a lot less stressful.

Make your bike your favourite mode of transport


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Need a pint of milk? In need of something for lunch? Don’t drive to the shop, cycle instead. I know, I know, driving is so much easier, especially when you have kids in tow. However, if you want to be healthy, you need to push yourself to be more active. Get yourself a bike with a child seat on the back, a couple of cute cycling kits, and helmets for you and your little one. Then, whenever you have a short way to go, opt to cycle instead of drive. It might only be a small change but it will make the world of difference.

Turn your home into a gym

Can’t get out the house? That’s okay, your home is an effective gym in itself. Use your stairs for step ups. Use your table for bench presses. Do squats against the wall. Turn your garden into an assault course and time yourself and your kids going around it. Spend the afternoon making up a dance routine with your little ones – dancing is one of the best forms of exercise. Even if you can’t leave the house, there are so many ways you can fit exercise into your day. It’s just a case of getting creative, that’s all.

Be an active family


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Last but not least, aim to be an active family. Don’t spend weekends sat at home in front of the TV or traipsing around theme parks, find ways to be active. Plan swimming trips. Go on walks. Plan family bike rides. Go geocaching. Head to the moors or your local wood for a long walk. Play sports together – tennis, badminton and football are all great options. There are plenty of ways you can make your family an active one.

There you have it, all my best ideas for working exercise around family life.


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