The Impact of Drug Addiction on Families

 Impact of Drug Addiction on Families

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For those who are suffering from addiction, most of them aren’t actually aware that this problem is also affecting those who are around them. Likewise, it can also be difficult for an abuser to recognise the harm that they’re inflicting to their loved ones. We’re not talking about second-hand smoke, but something more serious– drug addiction. Drug abuse could result in a deeper kind of pain for friends and family members. That said, if you or your loved one is currently suffering from it, it’s very important to make the person realise how this problem affects those around them.

Effects to Children

The effects of addiction can be different from one family to another. For instance, when there are children involved, these young individuals begin to develop low self-esteem and inferiority complex. Most of them are often depressed as well. Then, there are those who would try to take away the limelight from the addict– they usually end up being perfectionists or incorrigible.

Aside from that, once the children find out that their parent is using drugs, they begin to lose respect, as they find the person no longer reliable. With that, the child could lead a life similar to his parent’s, or try to escape the pain in their reality. With such insecurity, kids often develop psychological problems or turn into drug addicts as well.

Effects to the Spouse

For the spouse, once they found out that their partner is suffering from addiction, they will try their best to offer the support of the family. That means they begin to neglect themselves as they focus on their spouses more. This could result to isolation or complete consumption of the addicted loved one. Likewise, some spouses end up being co-dependents of their partner that they start making excuses and cover up their wrong doings.

Furthermore, since drug addiction can affect one’s judgment, this often leads to risky sexual behaviour, that the chances of getting an STD become higher. So, when the drug abuser comes back home, then he puts the risk of transferring it to his partner.

For the Parents

Addiction is hell on the parents of the drug addict. They want to protect their children from all forms of harm, and they will do everything for that. So, once they discover that the case is pretty hopeless and there’s nothing they can do, they sunk into depression because they see themselves as a failure for not raising their child properly. They also begin to blame themselves thinking that the reason their child became addicted to drugs is because of them.

Fortunately, treatments provided by can be the answer to this kind of problem.

Final Words

The effects of drugs to one’s family often leads to separation or divorce with the spouse. It can also cause an unstable environment for the children, causing psychological and emotional damage. Then, there are those who become financially unstable, and their health begins to deteriorate.

Overall, the impacts of drug addiction doesn’t only cause damage to the abuser, but to his loved ones as well.

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