Indigo children shaped the modern world

Did you know that the modern world was shaped by Indigo Children? Such people are sometimes known as star children or crystal children.

You probably didn’t – as most people don’t – but it’s still a fascinating concept. Indigo children are mainly people born during or since the 1970s and who have a very strong spiritual connection. It is said that, if you are an indigo child, you transcend the physical and spiritual worlds when you sleep, for example – making a connection between the two.

indigo children

The collective force of indigo children is also said to have shaped our world in very direct ways – by helping people become generally far more aware of their spirituality, for example, or more directly in policies – by helping to outlaw things like corporal punishment in schools.

But like most things in life – being an indigo child isn’t unequivocally a good thing – as the indigo child also has his or her personality trait downsides. For example, whilst indigo children are said to have a very well-developed sense of self-worth, they can also be headstrong and don’t always like to follow the rules if they don’t agree with them. But they have their reasons and don’t always accept the status quo if they feel that spiritually speaking, that status quo isn’t right. Think, for example, of some of the societal norms of the 1970s – when the indigo children were born – versus what is generally accepted today and you’ll quickly see that our society has come a long way on issues like feminism, equal rights, gay rights, and so on.

So indigo children will be quick to call into question any people or policies they perceive to be exerting a negative influence. Again, on the downside, though; some indigo children can develop exactly the opposite effect of the majority of their “kinfolk” by exhibiting extremely low self-esteem and being overly diffident.

To sum up in deciding whether you’re an indigo child, ask yourself whether you have a particular interest in arts and crafts, with a natural flair for these things – and whether you’re quite a headstrong type. Also – were you born during or after the 1970s and do you often have trouble sleeping well?


You may have an innate ability to communicate well with animals, you may also be prone to things like ADD or ADHD, get easily bored, have lots of ups and downs and maybe even bi-polar – and maybe prone to develop addictions to alcohol or drugs etc.

Perhaps the most telling indicator, though, is that you have a psychic ability or a very strong intuition for things; you’re able to feel or ‘know’ what is right even if you can’t always explain the rationale fully.

Finally – friendships are hugely important to you and you love to develop deep and long-lasting friendships.

Does all this sound like you? If so, you’re probably an indigo child – and you’ve helped shape the world for the better.

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