Just the Two of Us

The boy had to go away with work for the night last night which meant that I was completely on my own with bubs for the first time all night. I’ll be honest, I was pretty terrified. A’s not been sleeping well at the moment (even worse than usual) and so I’m absolutely shattered and I just want to sleeeeep. I was also a bit nervous (ok, a lot nervous) about being in the house on my own because there have been a few burglaries in our area lately so I’m constantly listening out for every noise! And we have a very creaky old house, which makes for lots of random noises!

But we made it! It was hard work, she’s very demanding at the moment and wants to be held all the time and there were lots of night wakings… but we coped! And times like this make me remember that I can do things by myself and I don’t need a man to take care of me and take the bin out. It’s always nice though ;)

And we were very happy to have him home!

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