How The Kids Can Help You Personalise Your Outdoor Space

Walk into any family home and you will see signs everywhere that there are kids living in the house. There will be pictures pinned up on the fridge, photographs on the walls and toys strewn around the floor. We all know of ways in which we can personalise our homes and put our own individual stamp on them.

Walk out into the garden and things are a bit different. Yes, there will be lots of toys strewn around the floor but there are no permanent reminders of their childhood. Perhaps it is time to change that and to let your kids get creative in the garden.

Make colourful cushions for your garden furniture

Your Bramblecrest garden furniture brings a sense of quality and style to your garden but you have the option of personalising it with some scatter cushions that your kids have made. Even the finest teak, cast aluminium, woven and granite garden furniture could benefit from a little junior creativity!

There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest for sewing projects that kids will love.

Make colourful wind chimes and sun catchers


Kids can make the most colourful and lovely wind chimes and sun catchers that will brighten up any outdoor space. The materials are free or cost very little and children love to get creative.

Younger children can turn all your scratched CDs and DVDs into attractive wind spinners that would look lovely hanging from any tree or even from the garden fence.  All you need is some glue and some sparkly sequins and stickers.

Paint a family mural on a garden fence

Your garden fence does not have to be a boring brown colour. Why not brighten it up with a family mural? Get the kids to help with the design. It could be an abstract pattern or a depiction of an activity that you like doing together. It could even be some self-portraits. Although beware, they are not always that flattering! You could even use footprints and handprints and add to it every year as the children get older so you have a vivid record of how they have grown.

When it comes to the actual painting, you will need to supervise young children but older children and teens can just get on with it. They will have a great sense of satisfaction when they have created something beautiful that brightens up the whole garden.

Decorate plant pots

This is an easy job that even younger kids can get involved in. Each child could be given a couple of plant pots to decorate as they wish. You can use a combination of paint and arts and crafts materials and try to recycle whatever you can.

You can buy some cheap plastic plant pots from your local garden centre or simply reuse some old ones that you have left around the garden.

Once the decorating is complete, the children can choose what plants they want to grow in their pots. Sunflowers are a firm favourite because they grow quickly to very impressive heights. Bedding plants such as geraniums and fuchsias make a highly attractive alternative.

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