Little Tips for Getting Christmas Gifts Delivered Safely

Christmas is a magical and wonderful time of year but with little ones to think about, it can easily become extremely stressful and busy. Making sure that your festive gifts reach your loved ones before the big day can place a lot of pressure on you, especially if your friends and family live in a different area of the country or even the world to you. It is a worry that the majority of us face each and every single year. Not to worry, there are ways that you can eliminate some of this festive stress!


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It is best to buy your gifts and send them as early as possible if you are planning on posting your Christmas presents, even if the recipient is teased by the present sitting eagerly under their Christmas tree! If last minute shopping is unavoidable, make sure that you are aware of the last delivery dates before Christmas.

If you know that you will be posting your Christmas gifts before you buy them, it may be worth checking this list of restricted and prohibited items as most popular UK couriers do not allow these items to travel in their transit. Packaging your gifts correctly is also important to help protect them from both damage and theft. Decorating your presents with ribbons and bows is all part of the fun of Christmas. However, if wanting to use a courier service, you must then package them again into a packaging box that is durable for transportation. It also means that the content of your package remains a surprise for the recipient!

Choosing to use a courier can sometimes be the cheapest and fastest way to deliver your Christmas gifts. The courier comparison site My Parcel Delivery can help you to save time and money during the festive period by finding the cheapest courier services that are out there. With a few simple clicks, you can send more than one present all in one go! There is also no need to wait in the Post Office queues as you can use a courier such as UPS and simply drop your parcels off at a designated pick-up point. To make life that little bit easier, you can request for your parcels to be collected from your very own home by using one of Parcelforce’s express services.

Couriers offer a basic compensation cover that is great for small and basic items but for packages of a greater value, it is sometimes worth paying an added extra for additional compensation cover. This ensures that your Christmas gifts are fully protected in the unlikely event that they are lost or damaged.

I hope that these tips will help you during the stressful run-up to the big day and will help you to gain some extra time to spend with your loved ones! Happy Christmas shopping!

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