Longer, Warmer and Nicer Days are the Perfect Time to Throw Some Meat on the Barbie

When it comes to taking advantage of the perfect barbecue season, nobody does it better than Australia! It is difficult to beat the undisputed masters of the impromptu barbecue session, and nobody has perfected the art quite as much as native Aussies have! And since this just happens to be the perfect barbecue season, it is all the more reason to polish the art even more, with lots of meat, smoke and good times!

Photo by Harry Knight on Unsplash

The History of the Australian Barbecue Culture

While everyone around the world is familiar with the popular terms and stereotypes related to the Australian barbecue culture; not that many know about the history behind it.

It all started with the indigenous population of Australia, who were used to cooking outside of the house, on live fires. This translated into the tradition of cooking meat outside over a fire or hot coals, which then developed into a fully-fledged national identity, cuisine-wise.

While there are a variety of land animals that you can find in the national cuisine list, seafood holds a major part of the collective favour. The term ‘shrimp on the barbie’, which originated from the popular Paul Logan movie and commercials, has now become a part of the Australian identity in both popular culture and the culture of the region.

Variety of Barbecue Dishes for the Season

While the old classics of sausages and ribs are evergreen (or rather red and juicy!), there are some new recipes that have emerged with the times as well. These dishes have originated in different parts of the world and have made their way into traditional Australian barbecue cuisine by way of fusion.

This may sound complicated and fancy, however rest assured that each and every one of these dishes and meats have something unique to bring to the barbie! Meats like lamb and more exclusive cuts of beef are coming into the mainstream realm of traditional barbecue cuisine, and have begun to make their mark on locals and even tourists.

This leads to more and more people looking for summer beef and lamb BBQ suggestions, many of which are not as mainstream in the traditional sense. Dishes which have Asian and Continental influences have started to make their way into Australian barbecue cuisine, however, this spells fortune for the cuisine itself, as it will undoubtedly lead to the people having more to choose from.

The Perfect Weather for some Meat on the Barbie!

The weather, by a wave of good fortune, is getting warmer and more pleasant. This calls for some barbecue sessions with friends and family, amidst a cornucopia of innovative and traditional barbecue dishes. As winter is right around the corner, and the weather is not expected to last for very long with the onset of winter; this is the perfect weather for you to enjoy an Australian good time, complete with delicious meat and lots of laughter!

Note: Always maintain a measure of safety while handling a hot barbecue grill, to prevent injury.

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