Love, Rude Words, and Brownies #LittleLoves

This week has been so busy! I’ve done absolutely no blogging work when I have loads to do and now it’s Friday I’m feeling quite overwhelmed, especially because we have a bit of a busy weekend ahead. I think because it was the bank holiday and then the boy was off on Tuesday we’ve just been really busy, then I was in London again on Wednesday and went for lunch with friends and their gorgeous babies on Thursday – I’m so behind and anxious!

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Welcome to this weeks Little Loves!


I read on Twitter that I have been nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog and Blog of the Year in the MAD blog awards which is very exciting, even if the nominations are just from my lovely friends :) I’ve never been nominated before, and I doubt I’ll get any more nominations but it still makes me happy! If you would maybe, possibly like to choose me to nominate, you can do so here (and non-bloggers can also do it too – are you listening Mum?!).


Ava very excitedly hunting for her Easter eggs on Sunday. We don’t make a big deal out of Easter, but we did do a little hunt in our house and A was so excited – it was lovely to watch.

We started watching ‘Love’ on Netflix this week which I’m not sure about yet. I’ve heard good things about it so I’ll keep going with it, but it’s been a bit ‘meh’ so far. It’s easy to watch though. Here is the trailer if you’d like to see what it’s about…


Ava and I made brownies this week with the mix that I was given at the Paul Hollywood event. They were really easy to make and they’re very tasty. Ava enjoyed helping to make them so much, possibly because she managed to shove some of the mix in her mouth when I wasn’t looking…

making browniesmaking brownies with a mixbrownies


This week I took yet another little trip to London for a lovely afternoon tea with the lovely Nadia Sawalha for a new campaign. It was so much fun and I met some really lovely bloggers. It was actually the first blogging event I’ve been to without any of my blogging friends, so I was a bit nervous, but I needn’t have been – everyone was lovely.

I wore this olive green Topshop blouse and my ripped black Jamie jeans, also from Topshop, and my Ash boots. I want her hair…

with Nadia Sawalha


I heard ‘212’ by Azealia Banks this week after not hearing it for so long. I bloody love this song (and I may consider myself pretty nifty at singing along with it ;)). Don’t listen to it if you don’t like rude words (VERY rude words!) or if there are any kids around!

And lastly…

When I was in London I had some time before my train so I went to ‘Prime Burger’ at St Pancras and had a burger with stilton and the stinkiest garlic fries, and it was gooood…

burger and fries

Hope you have a very lovely weekend xx


  1. 2nd April 2016 / 6:57 am

    Such a pretty apron Ava is wearing. Brownies looked better than the ones I made lately. Also felt really busy over Easter, feel like we have been here, there and everywhere. Well done on the nominations, doubt I have any but hey ho! That burger looks awesome! Have a great weekend :)

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