Makeover Your Bedroom With Pillows and Bedding

Our bedroom is mostly white with one feature wall of black and silver patterned paper. Ideally I’d like to redecorate it, but as we want to move house soon there is really no point. It still looks nice but I am just a bit bored with it and it isn’t what I would choose anymore.

The great thing about my bedroom being black and white is that I can easily makeover my bedroom by changing the bedding and adding a few cushions and throws. It means I am able to easily change the entire look of my room without spending much money and without putting much effort in.

I love pillows and cushions to make a bedroom really cosy and comfortable, and they are easy to update when you fancy a change. If you wanted to stick with plain white or another plain colour bedding then you could switch it up with some brightly coloured or patterned pillows and cushions. That way you can spend even less money making over your room, but give a completely different look. I love the idea of having some mismatched, co-ordinating bedding with cushions to pull it all together.

I thought I would share a few pillows and bedding that I love and would be perfect to makeover my bedroom.

Makeover Your Bedroom With Pillows and Bedding


  1. I love black and white, and I love this black and white cushion from H&M. It would look great with monochrome bedding but also with some brightly coloured quilts and pillows to brighten up the room.
  2. Brightly coloured bedding can really give a neutrally decorated bedroom a whole new look, or at least be a starting point for adding in some colour. These Yorkshire Linen Pillows are lovely and would look great with either the matching quilt cover, or with a crisp white one.
  3. I love this frilly pillow from H&M. I love grey as you can probably tell, especially for winter. It would go with so many different coloured quilt covers.
  4. Grey again! I love this thick knitted throw. Great for keeping warm in the middle of winter, but also to throw over the end of the bed to give it all a nice cosy look.
  5. If you like things to match then this lovely blue and pink floral bedding with matching pillows and cushions will be perfect for giving a white bedroom a whole new look. I think it would look lovely in a room with lots of white furniture as well as walls to add some colour whilst still keeping it really pretty. I love the blue and pink together – and if you get bored you can turn the quilt over for a different pattern.
  6. I love the pastel colour of this cosy cable knit throw. I think it would look really good with a clean, white bedspread, grey pillows and cushions and then this throw as a finishing touch.
  7. This bright cushion would also look great with grey (I do love grey!), but would also go with other bright colours. I love the little extra detail around the edges to make it a bit different.
  8. Perfect for winter, this taupey-coloured stag bedding is really nice, and I love the tartan print on the reverse. It would look cool having the stag print pillows with the duvet on the chequed side.
  9. I never thought I would like a tartan bedspread, but I really do. It would make the room feel really wintery and Christmassy I think. If you were using your bedding to makeover your room and keep the decor simple then you could have something like number five in the summer and change to this darker, red look for winter. Or just stick to entirely white bedcovers and switch over the pillows and cushions.
  10.  This pretty neutral cushion would go with almost anything and I really like it. The tassels on the sides give it a bit of a Morrocan look, so it would look nice with lots of bright prints and maybe an embroidered throw.

What do you think? Have you ever made over your bedroom just using bedding and pillows? Do you like any of the items I have chosen?


This is a collaborative post.



  1. Fatima
    15th October 2015 / 12:35 am

    Wow! I really want a room make-over. I wish someone sponsors it or I win a competition! :P


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