What Makes Sydney a Great Place to Visit Year Round?

Relying completely on its coastal surroundings, Sydney, if compared to its sister cities is happening, thrilling, and in one’s face. Heels in this part of Australia are higher, fireworks dazzling, bodies buffed, sports brutal, starlets shinier, and food more adventurous. What makes it a great vacationing spot 365 days of the year? See for yourself.


Spring in Australia is a time to rejoice, appreciate the nature, hear the birds chirp and witness the blossoming of buds into colourful flowers. Of the many things that standout, one can’t underestimate the natural beauty that makes Sydney bloom like a flower itself. Other than that, what makes visiting here a must-take-trip? It is its:

  • Iconic jacaranda trees that makes the streets of Sydney a floral garden
  • Good Food Month which provides foodies with the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best of local produce, high-quality wine, and world-class food.
  • Sculptures by the sea where tourists can witness the best sculptures on display made by the local craftsmen and many international artists.
  • Artsy festivals that truly make one explore the historical and aboriginal culture of Sydney.


Summers in Australia are full of sunshine. Many days the temperature crosses 35°C, making it perfect for those who are looking for a tanning excuse.

  • For starters, they re are countless walking trials, allowing tourists to explore the city in all its charm and glamour
  • Second, summer times are beach times. Being a seaside city, Sydney offers every tourist the perfect spot to camp out in the sun and take a dive in the cool waters.
  • There are also many family-friendly parks such as the Wet ’n’ Wild Sydney where families can enjoy riding more than 40 slides and attractions, including many of the fastest rides.
  • While at it, one can also play lost and found in the many hidden and quirky watering holes in the city, discovers age-old buildings and laneways etc.


Other than the orange-ish curtain that the sky snuggles in, autumn in Australia is blissful for many other reasons. What reasons, you ask?

  • The weather isn’t chilly or harsh which makes it a perfect day to be at the beach on the Sydney shoreline.
  • Once can also explore Sydney harbour when going of surfing hand-gliding, windsurfing or paragliding.
  • Throw a cruise party and go to Manly.  
  • Take day trip or a walking tour to see the Blue Mountains or The Rocks, the Royal Botanic Garden, darling Harbour or Chinatown.
  • Stop at the royal national park to catch a breath.


Like other seasons, winters too, are delightful in Australia. Want to know what you can do on those chill nights and cold winter mornings?

  • Go whale watching: Following their quest to breed, many whales can be seen migrating from the coasts during winters. Winter whale watching in Australia begins every May and ends around June when whales return with little ones playing around them.
  • Explore the best to nightlife: The most hyped and waited-for event is the VIVID Sydney –the biggest party of live music scenes and lights in all of Southern Hemisphere. Be amazed to witness spectacular night shows, art installations, creative conferences, bejewelled boats and 3D projections at the Sydney Opera House.
  • Take a stroll: There is something about a winter walk that sets it apart. Walk down the many streets that are open till late and serve the best coffee and confectionary items to be devoured under a moonless night.

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