How I Make Myself Feel Better When I Feel Like Total Sh*t

Sometimes we all feel a bit crappy about ourselves, don’t we? We look in the mirror and are really not happy with what we see. For me, it happens a lot, especially in the winter when I don’t have a nice tan, my skin can be dry, and I don’t look or feel my best. Or I could just be feeling a bit tired and rubbish and still don’t like what I see when I glimpse my tired reflection.

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, blah blah blah, but we do all care what we look like a little bit at least, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If I make an effort though to do a few little things, I can feel so much better about myself, and be a lot happier with what I see in the mirror (or at least not burst into tears).

my face with makeup

My fake-tanned and make-upped face.

Here’s a few things I do if I’m feeling a bit pants…

Fake tan

I very rarely do a proper fake tan all over, but I do regularly use one of the everyday fake tans, that are mixed in with a moisturiser. It doesn’t do anything massively obvious, but it just makes my skin look so much better, particularly on my face. I think I look so much more healthy, and just better, with a tan, so using a subtle fake tan every so often in winter makes me feel a lot better, and gives me a bit of a glow.

Get a Manicure

I only got my very first manicure last year before my wedding, but I love having my nails done so much, and I’d do it all the time if I could afford it. When I do my nails myself it barely stays on for a few hours, so I love having nails that stay nice for a week or two.

Put make-up on

I know, in an ideal world I’d be completely happy with my make-up free skin, and yes, occasionally it can look ok, but generally I do not feel that great when I look in the mirror and see my make-up free face. Make-up evens everything out, enhances my good bits, and hides the dodgy bits, and makes me feel much more put together and confident.

Use a body scrub

Using a body scrub or one of those scrubby mitt things really feels good, and makes my body feel so smooth. It also is good for giving your system a bit of a kick-start and getting the blood flowing. I feel really refreshed with soft skin after I’ve done a good scrub.

Get my eyebrows done

I started to get my eyebrows threaded last year and the difference it makes is crazy. It’s a strange phenomenon that removing hairs from your eyebrows actually makes them look thicker, but it does. It means that filling them in is so much easier to do and if I can’t be bothered to do that or if I’m not wearing make-up then they don’t look too bad. Unfortunately, being the hairy mofo I am (*high five dark haired girls!*) they grow back very quickly so I have to get them done reasonably often (or I should anyway).

Is there anything in particular that you do to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling a bit rubbish?





  1. 9th March 2016 / 9:48 am

    This list is on point! Luckily I’m sorted with the tan but getting my eyebrows did is the quickest way to feel fresh faced.

  2. Amy
    12th March 2016 / 11:39 pm

    All of the above! I use a gel uv lamp at home for my nails, lasts about 10 days and although the initial outlay is reasonably high, it’s only the cost of 3-4 professional manicures.

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