Making the World a Better Place For Kids

The next generation will inherit whatever footprint we leave on this world. This is exactly the reason why responsible adults must do everything they can to leave the planet in a habitable state, filled with people who are full of love and compassion. If you love your child and want to give them a beautiful future, you may want to consider doing these things in your community.

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Volunteer at your local school

Do you have a special talent that you think kids in general can benefit from? Whether your kid is still studying or not, you can volunteer your time to a school that is always looking for volunteer parents. Not everyone can afford classes in cooking, sports, and many other activities, and it is through volunteering that some kids can learn things that they so desperately want to. You can even volunteer as a subject tutor for those who cannot afford tutoring services.

Make the air cleaner

While it’s more convenient to take kids to places in a car, it would make the world a much better place, and it’s more environmentally friendly, if you walk or bike instead of driving. According to the Better Health Channel, walking just 30 minutes a day can increase cardiovascular fitness and strengthen bones. If the play center or sports field is just a few minutes walk, you may want to consider just walking to it with your child instead of driving. Walking gives you time to talk to your child about life and values, as well as giving you some nice exercise.

Sponsor kids who are not as privileged as yours

It’s sad to think that not all kids can live a full life. Many are terribly oppressed, especially in areas that are torn apart by war. While it’s sad to watch news about suffering kids, it’s uplifting to know that some groups are doing everything to ease their pain. Usually, child-centered charities seek sponsorships from those who are willing to help marginalized kids get through life until they are old enough to find work. If you can, try to make the world a better place not just with a one-time donation but also by a long-term sponsorship.

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  1. 5th October 2015 / 8:32 pm

    What a lovely few ideas!! We do tonnes of walking, so we are definitely helping to make the world greener. i’ll have to remind the kids of this when they complain they’re tired xx
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