It’s the final Me and Mine of the year! I can’t believe I’ve actually made it through a whole year of taking family photos each month. It’s been a close call at times – last month in particular almost didn’t happen, and there was an awful lot of grumpiness behind those half-smiles!

But I’m really glad we made the effort to take them each month as otherwise we just wouldn’t have had any photos of the three of us some months, which is a bit sad, but life is busy isn’t it.

me and mine December

It’s been a whirlwind of a month, and I’ve mainly spent it working hard on blogging stuff, and trying to fit Christmas bits and bobs in there somewhere. We have had a lovely Christmas, but I’m actually really looking forward to starting a new year, getting more organised (hopefully!) and just kind of going back to normal. I actually have no idea when Ava goes back to nursery or her ballet class, but I’m guessing next week?!?

I often feel a bit down in January; the excitement of Christmas is over with, the days are dark and short, and the weather is often grim. But I feel quite optimistic about it this time, so here’s hoping it will be a good one. Plus it’s Ava’s birthday right at the beginning of January, which is always a lovely day. We normally are away for new year and her birthday, but we decided not to go this year, so it will be a bit different to usual, but I’m sure whatever we do it will be nice! I absolutely cannot believe I will soon have a four year old! It sounds so old to me, probably partly because she will be starting school this year, which is a bit terrifying. Life since having a child is flying by!

Our Me and Mine photos for December were literally taken today, on the last day of the month (the same as last month I think!) – but never mind – at least we got them! After we’d taken a couple of shots I discovered Ava was sticking her tongue out on every one! But at least she’s actually posing for them now rather then covering her cute little face!

me and mineme and mine December 2015family portrait project december

Happy New Year everyone! xxx

dear beautiful

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