Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project – July 2015

Well what a month July has been! It’s has been a total whirlwind and I’m exhausted but happy. Twelve days ago I got married! So the first few weeks of July were a big blur of last minute wedding preperations, wedding dress fittings and generally feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do.

Our wedding was absolutely brilliant; the day flew by far too fast though. Two days after we got married we went to London for a couple of days on our own for a kind of mini moon before our big family honeymoon next month. I hadn’t been to London for years and it was brilliant. We got the train there and decided to go first class (which we had never done before) and had champagne and toasted ourselves. We had quite a chilled couple of days, mainly just wandering around and eating and drinking, but London is never completely relaxing with getting the tube and all of the hustle and bustle, and waiting for tables in restaurants. I love it, but I do think I could have done with a really relaxing few days in a lovely hotel in beautiful grounds somewhere, with lots of reading, sleeping and just spending time together. I just felt so incredibly drained after all the wedding shenanigans.

Now everything is a bit weird; I still have loads to do with blogging and getting our house in some kind of order but there’s this huge weight off my mind. I no longer have a huge list of things to do for the wedding, and I no longer have to be so strict with my exercising if I don’t want to be, nor do I have to be careful about getting tan lines (my wedding dress was strapless). Everything just feels quite nice and simple again, which is nice. And Ava has broken up for the school holidays now which has good and bad points.

On Tuesday I turned 31, which was quite uneventful after such a busy time. I’d kind of forgotten about my birthday this year and my hubby (ha!) hadn’t been able to take it off work because of all of the time he is taking off for our holiday. My mum and step-dad are staying at a lovely campsite at the moment in the rolling countryside, so Ava and I just went there and had a nice relaxing day with them. In the evening Paul, Ava and I went for a meal at a place called Escabeche which is a spanish restaurant not far from us where we all enjoyed loads of tapas. It was nice to just go with the flow after having so much on recently and not plan a big day or night with other people.

We obviously don’t have our official wedding photos back yet so this month I have a few random wedding shots taken by other people of the three of us. There will be more to come soon but I don’t have them yet unfortunately.

We had our first dance to Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’. We danced just on our own at first, and then Ava joined us which was lovely. She’s definitely got the moves.

Wedding First Dance

The photo below is one from our photobooth. It was late in the night (yes, Ava stayed up until the end!) so we all look a bit tired and haggered (particularly me!), but we just didn’t get a chance to all get in there together earlier on and get a better picture unfortunately.

Me and Mine July Family

It has been an amazing, memorable month that I will always remember. I now can’t wait for August as towards the end of the month we are going to Spain and Portugal for a whole month! I can’t wait for the sunshine, food, family time and relaxation.

I hope you have had a really lovely July too xx

dear beautiful

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