Mirrors: How to Choose a Mirror for Each Room

Mirrors are a fantastic way to accessorise your home and freshen up the interior. This post aims to inspire you to put more mirrors in your home and explain where they work best. We’ve taken a room by room approach.

how to choose a mirror

Hallway & Living Room

Add space to your home without the building work. No matter how small your hallway or living room, a mirror can work wonders to make a space feel less cramped and more welcoming. Psychologically speaking, this really works as it tricks your brain into thinking the mirrored space is real.

The benefit of having a mirror in the hall near the door is being able to check your appearance before you leave the house. Smarten up for work, or adjust your hair and outfit for a day or night out. A little head-height mirror works for checking your makeup or your teeth before you leave, and a full length mirror will give you the whole caboodle.


The bathroom mirror is place where you want to see exactly what’s going on – when shaving, plucking or home-dyeing hair for example. If you’re a beard owner, or like to preen in the bathroom, it’s all about that clarity, convenient head height and magnification. Lighting is crucial for bathroom grooming routines.

Wall mounted mirrors and ones with ledges are ideal for the bathroom as you can keep small items like tweezers, razors and other items close at hand and ready when you need them.


Bedroom mirrors are the best place to express yourself. Whether you want something minimalist, Scandi, industrial-chic and understated, or ornate, delicate and elaborate, the bedroom is where you can go wild and unleash your interior design flair. In keeping with the trend for multiple pictures on the wall, you can recreate this look with mirrors like the amazing styles they have at Nest.co.uk.

If you wear makeup, getting a magnifying mirror, accompanied by good lighting, for your toilette stand or dressing table not only helps you keep your makeup looking tip top, but can be a focal point in the room, drawing the eye and bringing the room together. A full length floor mirror is great to see clothes in your wardrobe on, if you have enough space. If not, a wall mounted long mirror keeps floor space free.

It’s time to put all that into practise and reap the benefits of having a space that seems brighter and more spacious, as well as adding lovely pieces of design and intrigue to your home.

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