The Monthly Catch Up // July

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind, and as always has flown by. I feel like I’ve spent half of it in London, which is not quite true, but I have been there quite a lot, as well as to Birmingham and Manchester for events.

I started the month off at the Holiday Inn in Kingston upon Thames for a night on my own, before attending the Hampton Court Flower Show with Zoflora. It was really fun morning and lovely to be involved with. The night before I went for a steak at Cau with my lovely friend Maria from Suburban Mum. We’ve seen quite a bit of each other lately, despite living so far apart, and it’s been so nice.

july catch-up

I then attended a cooking event with Tefal, where we tried out the Cook4Me in a beautiful house in London. Ava came to London with me for the day, and spent time playing with Maria’s son in the garden. They also did a bit of ‘chopping’ for us too, and I can’t wait to see the professional photograph’s that were taken! At the event we were split into two groups to cook, and whilst the other group were cooking our main course Ava and I had manicures and pedicures in the other room!

july catch up

Later that afternoon I attended my first (and only I think) Christmas in July with Crescendo PR, where we checked out all the new lego, products from Infruition and Roberts Radio and lots of other brands. Ava played for ages with the gorgeous things from the Great Little Trading Company, whilst I chatted to the brand reps and they showed me their products.

july catch upjuly catch up

The day after I was obviously knackered, but had my uncle’s funeral to attend – obviously that was a really tough day, but it was also amazing seeing all of the people who had come to celebrate his life with us.

That weekend Ava went to stay at our friend’s house, whilst we went to a local pub for dinner with my sister-in-law and her husband, and drank rather a lot of Prosecco, so that was nice after the day before and all the emotions.

An Epson and Disney event actually in the Disney Store on Oxford Street came next which was good fun, especially because I got to see my best blogging friends and we went for a couple of drinks afterwards before getting our trains home. The lunch at the event was amazing too!

july catch upjuly catch up

That weekend we went to our friends annual summer barbeque which was great, and Ava stayed up later than she ever had before! I always worry that people will judge us for keeping her up late but we’d only do it if she was completely happy, and she tends to sleep in later if she’s had a late night so I know she’s fine. She absolutely loves spending time with our friends and the kids, and they are all so good with her; it’s lovely.

The next week I went to my second flower show of the month! The Tatton Park Flower Show. This time I was there with STIHL who make garden power tools. I was there to have a look at and test out their new range of cordless tools which (and I never thought I’d say this!) was very exciting. I’m going to be trying a couple of them out in my garden soon – they’ve been made to be quite light but still really powerful so I’m excited to try them properly.

I stayed at a beautiful hotel in Cheshire the night before, but, on one of the hottest days of the year the air conditioning had broken! My room was absolutely hellish, so instead of roasting in my room all evening I got together with the PR’s and another blogger who was staying there and we all got a bit (a lot) tipsy and stayed up way too late! To say I was hungover the next day would be an understatement – although I do think the heat had something to do with it, as I’d only had red wine and I’m very used to that!

After the flower show I got home, repacked, went to bed, and then went with my family to Birmingham for a night to attend an event with Monarch airlines! It was a Spanish themed night, so there was lots of tapas, Sangria and we even had a Flamenco lesson. It was a brilliant evening, and I was lucky enough to spend it with another couple of my BBFF’s ;) I’ll be writing more about it soon.

july catch up

It was then my first wedding anniversary and my birthday, so it’s been a really busy month and I’m exhausted! I don’t normally go to anywhere near that many events, so please don’t think my life is all snazzy press events – it really isn’t!

August is set to be pretty busy too, but hopefully we’ll also get some weekends to do nothing (hopefully in the sunshine!).

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