Motherly Musings – 28/01/13

A on settee

How amazing is it watching your little one grow up? A is at a wonderful age where she is discovering new things she can do and you can tell that she feels so grown up and proud of herself when she manages to do them.

She loves helping herself to something off a plate, or a raisin out of a box, and she’ll give a big  grin when she does it.

She can now climb up onto the settees with such determination, and everything has become a fun (and dangerous) climbing frame. I now literally cannot leave her alone for a minute or I’ll find her about to fall backwards off a chair or dive over the arm of a sofa.

She can climb up the stairs at lightening speed, and has remembered she can walk, so is choosing to walk rather than crawl most of the time. We’ve always been so excited for the time our child runs up to the door when Daddy gets home from work, and we’re almost there! Not that I’m wishing time away at all. Right now is amazing.

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