My Crazy Cats and Their Interesting Personalities

Around 8 years ago we decided that we wanted to adopt our first cat. I grew up pretty much always having a cat, so when we had settled into our first house we decided it was the right time. I kind of wanted a cute kitten, but I also knew that kittens are always the first ones chosen to take home, and it’s the older ones that are left behind. On top of that it is also often the black or black and white cats that people don’t want as much, so we decided that we would have a slightly older cat of whatever colour.

We went to visit one that had come in, that had been dumped at the shelter and I fell in love. She was around 7 months old and SO loving and sweet. I held her and loved her for ages and was very excited for her to potentially be ours.

A short while later we found out about another cat, a black one, who had been found in a car park and they thought she had probably been there a while. We went to see her and she seemed a bit wary and nervous. I’ll be honest, she looked a little scruffy and slightly ugly at the time, but I didn’t care about that and wanted to give her a lovely home and help her to become less nervy and more trusting.

Little did I know the crazy personalities they would turn out to have, and the challenges they would bring!

Molly, the first cat, lives to eat; she would eat all day long if you would let her, but she is also incredibly fussy. Try and give her different biscuits, and she will stare at you like you are insane. If she’s not eating then she is following you around meowing for food, getting under you feet and getting louder by the minute, until it’s actually time to be fed again.

She is also the cleverest cat I’ve ever known. She knows exactly what she’s doing and how to manipulate you and can roll out the charm if you’re someone who might feed her. She can also be very grumpy and nags a lot!

She is however, insanely loving, beautiful, and a great big softy (for five minutes in between begging for more food). If you pick her up she wriggles for a second until she realises how good it is being so loved and then she will collapse all of her (considerable) weight into you whilst you stroke her until you have to put her down before your arm falls off.

Yes, Molly is fat. I’m sure we don’t overfeed her, I think she just has more junk in the trunk than your average feline friend. But if she can steal Daisy’s food then she bloody well will, hence for years now we have put Daisy’s food on top of the fridge so she can actually get some sometimes and eat in peace, which I’m pretty sure is entirely ridiculous.

Now Daisy. Daisy is a bit crazy, but at the same time she is the most loving cat I have ever known. She is pretty useless and not quite all there. She can’t jump very well, and quite often misses her target and falls to the floor, and no she doesn’t land on her feet like a normal cat. She runs under your feet as you are walking so that she can rub against you and gets kicked across the floor (unintentionally of course). She can’t stick up for herself against her sister, and will wait ages for Molly to move so that she can go past her. She has rather sharp claws, and will sit scratching at a door for an unlimited time if she wants to join you in the bathroom whilst you’re trying to have a relaxing bath. We even still have a stair gate at the bottom of our stairs despite Ava being five, because Daisy will scratch at bedroom doors, and stick her face in yours whilst you’re trying to god damn sleep, multiple times a night. Luckily she is so bad at jumping that the stair gate stops her, so we close it at night.

She is good at eating spiders though. Or to be specific, chewing them up and leaving their legs in various places around the room. She isn’t that interested in food, unless it’s human food and especially chocolate. If I have some chocolate and she catches a whiff, she will do what she can to get her nose in there (I know it’s dangerous for her and I don’t let her, don’t worry) like the weirdo she is.

But god I love her, and she loves me. She is so beautifully loving and I’m her favourite which helps. She won’t ever sit on my knee, but she is just so lovely and affectionate, and will jump up high to you just to rub against your hand. Also I think she is the way she is because of a crap start to her life so I feel sorry for her and want to give her a better life. She was found in a car park like I said, and so I think she had to forage for food for a while, hence the appetite for human food. I also think she was perhaps taken from her mum too early and that would explain why she is so rubbish at jumping and washing herself. She has no idea how to play with you and is still very scared of noises and fast movements so I think she was probably neglected quite badly as a kitten, the poor love.

WHISKAS® asked me to share a little about my cats and what I thought their purrrfect careers would be. Daisy is very beautiful and serene and can look like a Princess (Cat) when she is sat up tall on the arm of a chair. She seems very prim and proper, and I can imagine her being a proper spoilt Princess who gets to eat prawns, smoked salmon, and chocolate whenever she requests it.

Molly I think would make a good food critic. She would relish getting to eat all day, but be great at giving her opinion on the food and turning her nose up at it if it falls below par. In between eating she could collapse down wherever she is and sleep it off until that big ol’ belly starts rumbling again. She would love it.

Even though my cats may well be the least photogenic cats in the history of the world, I love them to bits and am so glad we rescued them all those years ago and gave them better lives. Everything that WHISKAS® does is also for the love of cats. For them, cats aren’t just their job, cats are their life. From their nutritious food and adorable Kitten Kollege to their work with the WWF and the Tigers Alive programme – they’re passionate about cats, just like I am. Their kitten food offers the best start possible for little kitties to grow healthy and strong, and I love that they really seem to care about our fur babies.

Every cat is individual and special (particularly the crazy two I have now!) – it’s what makes them such great pets. This is highlighted in WHISKAS® adorable Kitten Kollege videos on the WHISKAS® YouTube channel.

Have a look at this fun (and very cute) video showing some special kitten activities that the Whiskas cats enjoy!

Do you have cats, or are you more of a dog person? If you have cats let me know their names and a bit about their personalities in the comments!

This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.

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