My favourite posts of 2015

It’s no coincidence that some of my favourite posts from this year were also my most popular with my readers. They are the ones in which I was more open and honest, in which I wrote from the heart, that seemed to resonate with people and provoke a response. It’s lovely writing an honest, more personal post and watching people respond to it and comment, and share their own personal experience on the subject.

favourite posts 2015

My most popular posts also seem to generally be about my real life – I guess that’s because they are often the ones that people can perhaps relate to and identify with the most.

These were some of my favourite posts that I wrote in 2015…

Why I Feel Differently About My Miscarriage – I’d been thinking for a while that I seemed to feel a bit differently about my miscarriage than other people, so it was good to finally write it all down, and then I got a great response which I wasn’t expecting, and there were lots of people that felt the same way, so it stopped me feeling like such a bitch ;)

Miscarriage and Feeling Different

Talking About Depression – I’d never really talked about depression on the blog before, but I felt like opening up more, and it was nice to be honest about it all. It’s not like I usually hide all that kind of stuff, but I don’t want to talk about it all the time, nor do I want my blog to be full of grumpy stuff. There’s plenty of that as there is!

The Real Life vs The Blog Life – The day I wrote this I had been struggling to write anything that I was happy with, but at around 2am I gave up and went to bed. Whilst I was on the loo (yes, really) I had an idea for a post, started writing it, and wrote the majority of that post before going to bed! I love it when that happens but it’s also very frustrating trying your best to write something new and not being able to. I enjoyed writing this post and it was even better that people seemed to like it!

They Call Me Mellow Yellow – This is a lovely sunny outfit post from when I was in Logrono in Spain in September. With the January blues about to strike it’s making me long for summer days already. I love the yellow wall and having fun with Ava.

Health and Fitness Whilst Travelling

I Am a Good Mum – I think we all need reminding that we are a good parent sometimes, even if we don’t get it right all of the time. I think I wrote this when I was feeling the mum guilt – probably about not being present enough or something.

Mummy and Ava on Mothers Day

Meeting Blogging Friends – I’m really happy to have finally met some other bloggers in 2015. I’ve made some really good friends online recently, and it’s so lovely to have that support network for blogging, as well as them becoming actual real life friends. I can’t wait to meet even more in 2016!

Co op blogging event

I hope you all had a lovely new year! I’m excited to see what 2016 will bring, blogging-wise! Thanks so much to everyone who has read, commented, and shared my blog over the last year, and to all those who support me with it – it means the world!

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