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As a child I absolutely loved Christmas and as an adult I still do. As you get older though Christmas tends to lose it’s charm a little bit and becomes less magical. However once you have a child that magic is really reignited as you see Christmas and the excitement of it through your child’s eyes. It’s lovely.

my letter from santa claus review - the authentic premium letter

Over the past couple of years I have bought Ava a letter from Father Christmas. I think they make a lovely keepsake and just add to the excitement of Christmas that little bit more. I’m all for making Christmas that little bit more magical whilst they are young.

My Letter From Santa Claus Review

This year Ava is going to be sent one of the beautiful letters from My Letter From Santa Claus. She will receive hers much nearer Christmas, but I’ve been sent two of the different types to review and share with you now.

There are few different types of letters to choose from, and I have the Traditional Premium Santa Letter and the Authentic Premium Santa Letter which both cost £5.99 with free delivery. I think it is such a lovely idea at a really good price to add a bit of extra magic and sparkle to Christmas for your child.

my letter from santa claus review - envelopes

Both of these letters come personalised and addressed to your child. The Traditional Premium Letter is written in a traditional typewritten font and on gorgeous snow white paper. It also comes with a personalised nice list certificate with a Santa Stop Here colouring poster, or presented in a craft envelope complete with authentic North Pole postmarks and sealed with a hand tied bow.

my letter from santa claus review - with wax stamp and hand tied bowmy letter from santa claus review

The Authentic Premium Santa Letter includes a personalised Santa letter in a handwritten style, and is presented on parchment paper. This Santa letter also includes a personalised Nice List Certificate with a Santa Stop Here colouring poster all presented in a Christmas red envelope complete with authentic North Pole post marks and sealed with a real wax seal.

my letter from santa claus review - authentic premium letter with wax sealed envelope

Both letters are beautiful in their envelopes – I love the wax seal on the authentic letter, but I also love the brown paper with the red and white bow on the traditional letter. If it were up to me I would have the brown paper envelope with the bow AND the red seal. But I’m clearly greedy and want everything.

The letters are such good quality, and so beautiful, and a really lovely keepsake for your child. You have a few different personalisation options for your letter – you can specify a toy they have asked for, for Christmas, a few bits about their lives, and an event from their life in the past year. The whole ordering process only takes five minutes and is really easy.

my letter from santa claus review - authentic lettermy letter from santa claus - traditional letter

Both of the letters (the Authentic Premium, and the Traditional Premium) are really lovely, but I think the Authentic letter on parchment paper is a touch nicer and a bit more fun and colourful for younger children. And I love the handwritten style of font. The letters have North Pole stamps on the envelopes which is really cool, and adds to the magic, as well as the child’s name written in a lovely handwritten text.

As well as the letters I have, you can also choose to write your own unique, personalised letter from Santa for your child, in which you write the entire letter – available in both an authentic and traditional style, as well as a slightly cheaper (£4.49) version of the letters that comes with just the letter and has a more simple envelope design. I would definitely go for the premium versions as the little touches of the stamp or the bow are beautiful.

I think these letters are so beautiful and such a thoughtful idea to send to your children or other kids in your life. Ava is at an age that I know she will love it – she is so excited about Christmas already, and this will just add an extra magical touch to that time.

I was sent the two letters to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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