My Mum in a Million | Mother’s Day with Nectar and Photobox

*This is a collaborative post with Nectar.


It’s Mother’s Day in England in a couple of weeks, and so the lovely people at Nectar asked me if I would like to join in with their ‘Mum in a Million’ campaign with Photobox, and share why my mum is one in a million and so special to me. I could rave all day about how brilliant my mum is, so of course I said yes. She’s so special to me and I’m not sure where I’d be without her.

Print specialists, Photobox, has recently come on-board as a collect partner with Nectar, meaning that for the first time ever, you can collect and spend Nectar points when shopping via the Photobox website.

My Mum in a Million | Mother's Day with Nectar and Photobox

My mum is completely one in a million in my (totally unbiased!) opinion. She is always there for me and my sister and she always has been. We grew up not having a lot of money, but I had very little awareness of that at the time, because of my mum. She was a single parent, and we didn’t have the money to go on expensive days out, but all I remember is a fun-filled childhood filled with love and adventures, thanks to my mum. I am so grateful to her for teaching me that money isn’t everything, and that kids can still be very happy spending their days doing things that cost nothing.

She would make us picnic lunches that we’d eat on the lounge floor on a blanket, and we would play music really loudly and the three of us would dance around like crazy people. She’ll probably hate me saying this, but I even remember going to a food bank to pick up some tins of food and she made that seem like loads of fun because it was something different. I honestly had no idea that that meant that we were actually pretty poor, until years and years later and the memory came into my head. She made it not matter, even if it did to her.

My mum has always put my sister and I before herself, and despite me being an adult now (so they say), I still need her so much, and she still is always there for me. Now she is also a brilliant Grandmother too, and my daughter loves her like I do.

My Mum in a Million | Mother's Day with Nectar and Photobox

Nectar asked me to choose a photo product from Photobox, featuring a picture of my mum, and the photo I chose I think sums up my mum perfectly. Okay, it’s more a photo of me (she forgot to teach me not to be self-absorbed, clearly) – but it is one that I think completely encompasses the idea of her being a ‘mum in a million’ – my mum in a million.

This photo was taken on the morning of my wedding. I look relaxed and happy I think, but really I was freaking out a bit because we were a bit being schedule and we (they) were struggling to get my dress done up. My mum was rushing around helping me of course, not even really getting a chance to get ready properly herself as always, and putting my needs ahead of her own as usual. I know that’s what you tend to do as a parent, but I really think that she just goes above and beyond for me and my sister, and forgets to think about herself.

Having her there with me on my special day is something I will always be grateful for, and I hope she knows how very much I appreciate her and her love for me, and what she does for me. She is always there to put up with my crap and talk things through with me when I need to, and I’m so lucky to have her. I can only hope that I can be half the mum she is, to my children.

I love this photo of us together on the morning of my wedding, and it’s something I’ll treasure forever.

My Mum in a Million | Mother's Day with Nectar and Photobox

I love actually printing my photos out – it’s something I need to do a lot more often. It makes me sad that so many special memories are just sitting on memory cards. I’ve used Photobox lots of times over the last few years – I love creating a personalised photo gift for someone, especially someone who doesn’t want or need lots of ‘stuff’. I’ve made calendars a couple of times for Ava’s grandparents, as well as canvasses and key rings when Ava was a baby. For me it’s great that Photobox have now joined with Nectar, so that you can earn points whilst you shop, as well as spend your saved up points to purchase lovely photo gifts.

It was really easy to link my Nectar card to my Photobox account, and then to purchase the vouchers with my points to spend online at Photobox. I chose to spend my points on one of the small framed prints, which I think are great for only £8. It’s a really simple, but special idea for a gift for someone that you can always send directly to them if they don’t live nearby. It only took a few minutes to upload the photo and make my selections, and it arrived within a few days. A photo gift from Photobox makes a really lovely Mother’s Day present, and even better that you can collect Nectar points whilst you treat yourself or a loved one. At the moment you can even win a MILLION Nectar points if you link your Nectar card with your Photobox account – that’s a lot of photo gifts, or a hell of a lot of trips to Pizza Express!

My Mum in a Million | Mother's Day with Nectar and Photobox

For a chance to win some great prizes yourself, from Nectar and Photobox, you can enter the #MumInAMillion competition by posting your favourite photo of you and your mum on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and telling Nectar and Photobox why you have a #MumInAMillion.

You could win:

  • Week 1: 5 x prizes of a MUM cut-out photo book, (there is still time to make and order one before Mother’s Day!) and 5,000 Nectar points
  • Week 2: 2 x £100 Photobox credits and 10,000 Nectar points
  • Week 3 (overall winner): A luxury hamper for mum, including all her favourites, with a £200 Photobox credit and 20,000 Nectar points

Good luck if you enter!

I’m looking forward to my Mother’s Day and hopefully being a little bit spoilt, as well as spending time with my amazing mother, who really is a mum in a million to me.


  1. Sue Collier
    14th March 2017 / 6:44 pm

    Aaaah thank you babe; I’m honoured! Glad you remember the good times, we did have some fun :-)

    • 23rd March 2017 / 7:03 pm

      Of course I do! We did indeed. Love you xxx

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