The New Guidelines on Booster Seats

When you’re buying a new car seat for your child, it’s vital that you know the curent legislation so that you can keep your child as safe as possible. There are lots of different things to consider, and guidelines to follow based on your child’s age and size, so it can be pretty confusing.


You might have heard a lot of talk recently about there being a booster seat ban – in particular backless booster seats. However, they haven’t been banned, and it is unlikely that they ever will be completely; but the law surounding the use of them is currently being reviewed and updated.

Booster seats fall under the Group 2/3 car seat category, meaning they can be used from around 4 years old.  However, it is now recommended that children only use backless boosters once they are 125cm or taller, which is roughly about 7 years old. Therefore children smaller that that should be in a booster seat with a back as they are much safer, as they have side and head protection, which backless boosters obviously don’t.

Backless booster seats aren’t going to be banned though as according to law makers, some parents need them due to a small car, and it is better to use a backless one rather than nothing at all. From January 2017 backless booster seats will no longer be made for smaller children though, just for kids over 125cm tall. However if you already have one then you can carry on using it, and they are still legal and available to buy, as long as they conform to the current law.

As they have no side or head protection it much better to have a high-backed car seat for your child until they are at least 125cm tall, rather than a backless seat, and preferably until they are 12 years old. These group 2/3 car seats have a much higher level of protection, so if you are buying a new car seat then it is a much better idea to get one of these for the safety of your child.

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