New Shoes For My Mum From Simply Feet {A Review}

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of shoes from Simply Feet. There are tons of pairs of shoes on the Simply Feet website to choose from, but as I had so much wedding prep going on I thought it would be nice to let my mum have a lovely new pair of shoes and so I asked her if she would like to choose some and write a review. My mum is amazing and as I’m sure is the case for many mums (not me), she doesn’t spend money on herself very often so it was great for her to choose whichever shoes she liked from Simply Feet. Here is her review of her new shoes…

Every woman loves a new pair of shoes. I’m not sure why, but the idea of new shoes seems to press the ‘feel good’ button in our brains!

Simply Feet Review

My latest new shoes are in the form of a pair of Hush Puppies; lovely soft leather, flatties (my personal fave) a natural colour to go with everything, and good grippy soles.

I have a bit of a thing about needing shoes with a good sole nowadays – I guess it’s an age thing. Most modern soles have almost no grip and are often shiny to boot; trips and falls just waiting to happen if you ask me!

Hush Puppies Review

Another pet hate of mine is shoes with no or very little ‘cushioning’ in them. Again maybe my age plays a part, but why oh why should women be expected to walk around in uncomfortable shoes in this day and age?

My new Hush Puppies have a lovely thick cushion layer, so I can walk for miles in them, which is ideal for me as I always seem to be on the go, especially when the grandchildren are around!

A Review of Simply FeetHush Puppies from Simply Feet

I like shoes that I can pop on easily, that go with everything, are comfy and have plenty of good grip – so not fussy at all then!

All my shoes take a lot of hammer, so these are ideal. I love that they are leather, even though you do still have to ‘break them in’ a little. But I just start wearing them for an hour or two, then build up from there, and mine have already moulded to the shape of my feet.

My Hush Puppies come from Simply Feet which is a new site to me, but one which I found very easy to use. It’s well laid out with lots of different ways to filter what you are looking for; by price, shoe type, colour or brand.

I’m very impressed that they also offer insoles and cushioning of every conceivable part of the foot, along with nail care, foot care and feet pampering products. Expert foot health advice is also offered, covering any foot problem you may have.

And they don’t stop there, offering advice and products about all of your joints, as well as back, neck and shoulder joints. All in all a very impressive, interesting and comprehensive site I will definitely be using again!

I’m very happy with my latest pair of new shoes. What are your favourite shoes, and what do you look for in an everyday, easy to wear pair of shoes?

 Disclosure: My mum was sent these shoes from Simply Feet to review, but all thoughts and opinions are her own.

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