New Year, New Do?

I’m not very experimental when it comes to my hair, not like I used to be anyway. I’ve had bobs (which I loved, but it grew too quickly), a very short crop (that made me look like an ugly boy with half a square fringe – I’d show you a picture but I’d have to kill you), layers, fringes many many times, but I’ve always wanted beautiful long hair so I’ve always grown it back and had to go through that awful, can’t-do-anything-with-it, in-betweeny stage. I never get that beautiful long hair, it’s long now but I certainly wouldn’t call it beautiful, and I’m never sure it suits me having it long and straight with my big round moon face.

There’s always lots of things I want to do with it and I want to try them all at once. I recently had a fringe cut but it wasn’t cut very well so I didn’t like it even though I usually do, and I didn’t like it with glasses so I started to grow it out straight away. But now I want it cut again because I’m bored (and I have contact lenses). I dyed it red over Christmas which I do every so often and I like, but again I’m bored and I now want it darker. Fussy, me?

Since I went travelling in 2007/8 my hair has been a lot lighter than it used to be and even though hairdressers always seem to compliment me on the colour of my hair, I preferred it darker.

Here are some of the looks I’m loving or want to try right now.

I really fancy a bit of ombré. But I’m rubbish at hair upkeep so it would probably be a silly idea. I’m so tempted though. Ahh, Rachel Bilson,  definitely one of my girl crushes.

                                   Source: via Hair and Beauty Tips on Pinterest


This is the kind of darker brown I’d like to go. Almost black, but not quite. Really shiny and beautiful. I’ll take her face too if that’s going.

                                           Source: via Monica on Pinterest


This is like the bob I used to have that I loved. I still really like the style and I love it on Fearne, but it always grew so quickly when it was short and I just can’t be bothered and don’t have the time to get it cut that often. Plus I was constantly jealous of everyone with long hair.

                                                          Source: via Louise on Pinterest


I LOVE cuts like this. I think it really suited Sienna Miller. But after my disaster haircut I just can’t go short short again. And I’m not sure it suits my face shape anyway.

                                                       Source: via Louise on Pinterest


One of these days I’m going to go to a wig shop and try on loads of different styles. I would love to do that. Anybody want to come with me?

So, to ombré or not to ombré? Darker or not? Help!

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