Nine Mistakes Brides Make

mistakes brides make

Forgetting to think about guests

Your family and friends may have travelled a long way and spent a lot of money to get to your wedding, so you must make sure the effort is worth it. Lay on transportation between the wedding and reception venues if they’re different and make sure hotel rooms have drinks and snacks. If you’re planning a two-day wedding, make sure there are activities in between the main events.

Buying the dress before choosing the venue

There’s no point buying a dress before you know where you’ll be getting married and what sort of place it is. Of course you can wear a bin-bag if you want, but if you’ve gone for a huge train and a heavy gown for your rural Cheshire wedding venue, you may regret it.

Crash dieting

Think ahead when it comes to dieting, whether you need to lose a few kilos or whether you just need to tone up. It’s not going to happen overnight, so you’re better of starting a gentle regime at least six months before the big day. You won’t have time to work out later on and crash diets don’t work!

Not feeding your vendors

On the subject of food – your photographer, DJ and band will need to be re-fuelled throughout the day. If you’re doing a buffet, make sure they dig in, or order them a meal as well as your guests. This includes their assistants too; make their meals and drinks part of your budget.

Having a large gap between ceremony and reception

If you’ve got two different venues for the wedding and the reception, make sure there’s not much time between the two and that transport is efficient. If you can’t avoid a large time gap, lay on some entertainment, or at least drinks and snacks so that no-one gets bored.

Overdoing your tables

Many a bride has really gone to town with her centrepieces and while they mean a lot to her, in reality, they simply stop guests talking to each other, or leave them puzzled. Subtle, tasteful and well-placed is the order of the day.

Forgetting to eat

It’s easily done, so think ahead and make sure there’s sandwiches and soft drinks for you and your bridal party in the morning. You don’t want to have low blood sugar or a hangover during the ceremony, right? Find out more about low blood sugar and how to prevent it.

You over-tan

If you’re planning a spray tan, or if you’re doing it yourself, practice a few times in the weeks before the big day. This lets you find your ideal shade and work out how often you need to apply it. Your make-up artist will also have plenty of time to sort your foundation out so it matches.

Your music is too loud

You need to have a volume that works for everyone. Not all your guests will want to dance, so if they can’t talk either, they won’t have a great time. Do a sound check – and make sure there’s a few songs for everyone.

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