The November Favourites – Cosy Jumpers and Christmas Cards

Well we’re a week into December already apparently and the second half of November disappeared into thin air, so now we’re here.

November was a strange and mostly horrible month, but with one wonderful and pretty major thing happening – my nephew was born! He’s so gorgeous and all I really want to do all of December is snuggle him (maybe drink the odd Baileys and eat a mince pie too).

Here are some of the things I’ve really been loving in November.

Next jumper

I’ve been living in this jumper from Next that everyone seems to have. It comes in a few different colours and I have the grey, pink and cream striped one and I love it. It’s so easy to chuck on, really comfy and cosy and I love the wide sleeves so that I can wrap it around my freezing cold hands a bit. November for me has mostly been about comfort and trying to get and then stay warm so this has been perfect. I may have worn it a lot on school runs. Of course I haven’t remembered to take any decent pictures and it’s in the wash now…

The Fall

I ran out of things to watch on Netflix after blasting through everything I love so I decided to give ‘The Fall’ another go and now I’m on the second season I’m a bit addicted. It’s got so good and I just keep looking forward to tonight so I can put my feet up with a glass of wine and watch some more.

I do find it quite hard that Jamie Dornan is an evil serial killer though. I don’t want to not like that beautiful face. Gillian Anderson is in it too and I think she’s brilliant as Stella.

Leather goals journal

I was sent this beautiful leather goals journal* from Find Me a Gift and I absolutely love it. It’s £36.99 so a pretty hefty price, but it’s such high quality and would make sure a wonderful gift. I love the pale pink leather cover with the rose gold writing, and I also love that it is completely plain inside so you can write in it however you like. It’s one of those books that I want to use my best handwriting in and really treasure and I adore it.

It’s perfect for bloggers to use an idea book or diary, or just somewhere to scribble down notes that you want to keep. It comes in a box and is wrapped in tissue paper, so it feels really special.


Yes, I know this might seem like a slightly weird favourite. But I am absolutely loving this stuff at the moment. It’s so good for you and for your gut in particular, and I love the taste too. I’ve been having it with a few other bits and bobs for my lunch, just as it is, but I also want to cook some up with some chorizo and other bits for a quick lunch soon. I want hot food at lunch so much when it’s cold, and then I end up succumbing to the dreaded (but oh so good) super noodles (other brands are available), so I’m trying to encourage myself to actually cook at lunch at least sometimes, rather than just grabbing the warmest, most satisfying thing (super noodles).

My step-grandad was Polish so I grew up eating Bigos (a kind of stew with polish sausage and sauerkraut) and Polish sausage which I fricking adored, but Bigos wasn’t quite so appealing to me as a child. Now I really want it but have never got round to making it but I will one day, especially now that I have sauerkraut in the house all the time. I get an organic one from Abel & Cole.

Ava’s Christmas Cards

Ava got to design her own Christmas card at school again this year and I think it’s such a cute idea. They make a design and then we can choose to have it printed and made into cards and gift tags. She loves designing it in class, and then she’s so excited once we receive the created cards and give them out to friends and family, and it just makes them a bit more special, especially for relatives. She’s writing them all herself and her writing has suddenly come on so much and I love seeing things she has written, it makes me feel so proud!

So that’s my November favourites! Is there anything in particular that you’ve been loving this month??

*I was sent the Goals Journal but all words and opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

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