Is Now A Good Time?

Is there ever a good time to do anything? Whenever you think about planning for a baby, you can always think that next year would be better because there will be fewer outgoings, or your partner will have a pay raise by then, but the fact is that there is never the “best” time to do anything. Getting engaged can come with a myriad of factors, such as age, and money. But from both side of the relationship, there are many pressures that people can face.



Age aside, people can feel pressured into getting married or getting down on one knee because it’s “been long enough” or now you’re both in a better place or have been through a difficult time, and for men, there is a sense of expectation on their shoulders. Men may feel that they have to spring for a ring that is expensive enough. And while there are diamond engagement rings that are well within their budgets, men may feel they have to get the top of the line product that exceeds their financial limits. Luckily jewelry stores will do their utmost to get the best product for the man’s budget, and most jewelers have been in the business long enough to not just take customers’ money, there will be a personal touch to the process, which can ease concerns for the man who doesn’t know what to buy. While there is a financial pressure on men, it’s important to remember that a lot of men may just want to cling onto their independence for as long as possible. It can be argued that this is a somewhat antiquated view of things, but some men will play the single card for as long as possible.



Women can feel pressure due to many factors. Age is a big one. Family is another, and combining the two can create a bit of a pressure cooker. If a woman feels their biological clock is ticking, the pressure to settle down and start a family can loom large in their minds a lot. Some women can still feel the need to please their family by settling down before having a child, and, again, while this can be deemed as a bit of a traditional view of things, parents are hard to please at the best of times. For the men reading this, it’s important to note that most women have thought about their wedding day since they were 3 years old, and the longer time has gone on, the bigger the need for a fantastic day. While the idea of the “fairytale” wedding seems somewhat unattainable, it is a big factor in the whole marriage-kids-family setup. Is there ever a good time to get married? Maybe not, but getting engaged from the perspective of both sides of the couple can be a major bone of contention. Ultimately, you need to follow your heart and not listen to everything and everyone around you. We can all feel the pressure to do certain things, but getting engaged shouldn’t be one of them.

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