Our Perfect Family Holiday

I'd Love to be a Mark Warner Mum

Last year my little family were lucky enough to enjoy our first family holiday abroad together for my sister’s wedding, in Portugal. We had a wonderful time with loads of family, plenty of sunshine, beaches and relaxation time. Ava loved spending quality time with Mummy and Daddy on the beach and got more and more brave venturing into the waves with her Daddy each time.

The Bridesmaid and Flower Girl

We would love to go abroad together again next year, just as our little family this time, and create those special memories that we can cherish forever. Ava will be the perfect age at around three and a half and would absolutely love spending a full week with her favourite people (please don’t ask her if we are actually her favourite people because I’m not sure I want to know her answer!). She adores those times when we are all together, sharing lots of laughs and having both of us there to give her lots of attention and love. She is so much more aware of things now and she gets so excited when we talk about where we are going or what we are going to be doing, that I just know she would be so happy to find out we were going on an aeroplane and off for a sunny holiday together.

Every time she goes swimming she loves it a little bit more; and I would love to relax on the beach whilst watching my favourite people in the world jumping the waves together and hearing Ava’s delighted giggles as the sea splashes her in the face yet again. The sun would be beating down on us, and I could forget our troubles and worries knowing that there is no-where else in the world I’d rather be.

DSC_0004Daddy and AvaA Flower Girl and a Bridesmaid

Ava’s daddy and I are not actually yet married; as trying to have a baby became our priority after I had some health issues years ago. But next year we will finally become husband and wife. Our perfect holiday would be extra special if we were there on our honeymoon celebrating our marriage. It would be an amazing feeling being there with my new husband and sharing our honeymoon with our daughter in a beautiful place in the world. It would be the perfect beginning to married life.

We could spend lots of quality time as a family, but also share some experiences as a couple; get all romantic at a spa, or have some fun doing some watersports, while Ava had too much fun with other kids at a children’s group. Maybe we could even have an evening out just the two of us, before strolling back to our room for some wine (her) and beer (him) on our balcony. We could reminisce about our wedding day and what it’s like to finally be married! Maybe I could even change my name on my passport in time so that it would be our first holiday as a family with the same surname (and I wouldn’t be left out anymore ;).

Ava and Mummy overlooking the seaProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

We really want to explore more of the world together with Ava, before we (hopefully) give Ava a brother or sister after we have been away on our honeymoon. Maybe all the relaxation and sunshine might help? Or maybe we would be lucky enough to have a honeymoon baby. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

We would spend the days of our perfect holiday playing in the pool together, reading books in the shade under an umbrella, eating delicious food, playing on the beach and exploring wherever we were; having adventures and making memories. I would take loads of pictures, and hopefully by that age Ava would finally keep still and smile for me as I point the camera at her. We would love to enjoy everything through our daughter’s eyes, as she takes in all the new experiences, sights and sounds. Oh to be tiny again and to live purely in the moment!


This is my entry into the Mark Warner Ambassador Programme for 2015. I would love to become a #markwarnermum and possibly take our last ever holiday as a family of three.


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