Pancakes and Steak and Cheescake, Oh My!


At 28 years I think I have finally mastered Pancakes! Other years on Pancake Day, it usually takes quite a few attempts (and failings!) to get them right (not burnt, not too thick, not stuck to the pan). But this year the pan was hot enough, I used butter so they didn’t stick and made them the right thickness and they were yummy.

I made them for lunch for Ava and I using a recipe from Oh Joy’s blog, with peanut butter, bananas and an egg (plus a bit of flour), so lots of protein for Ava. And then I made normal pancakes for Paul and I in the evening. Yes, I had them twice. It was the day of pancakes after all.

Then on Valentine’s Day, Paul made delicious steak and potatoes for us and we had a Gü Cheesecake for dessert. Oh, steak, how I love thee. And of course I love the boy too. The three of us had a lovely Valentine’s Day together. We don’t do anything much, usually just cards and nice food, but the boy did buy me a skirt I had been wanting from Topshop :)

I heart food. And the boy. And the babe. And Topshop. Happy days.

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