A Practical Guide to Staging a Home so it Sells Fast

As you know we’ve been renovating our house for months, partly to make it a nicer place for us to live in, but also to get it ready to sell. I’m sure that lots of you are also trying to sell your homes, now or in the near future. So, I know an article about homestaging is going to be especially useful to quite a few of you.

Home staging really does make a difference

The first point I need to make is that staging your property really is worthwhile. We all know that first impressions count, so the last thing you want is for your home to look shabby in the agent´s photos or video. If it does most potential buyers will simply move onto other properties.

Ask any estate agent and they will tell you this is a fact. The vast majority of buyers are not looking for houses that look like they need a lot of work. The better your property looks in the photos the more likely people are to book a viewing.

Home staging need not be complicated

The other point I need to make is that you do not have to redecorate completely to stage your home effectively. This means that you can still do it even if you are working with a limited budget. However, it is going to take time to do it properly. Typically, you will need a couple of weekends to get the job done.

Clean and tidy

Start by giving your property a deep clean and tidy up. Focus on getting rid of the clutter.

You are going to be moving anyway, so now is a good time to get ahead a bit on the packing process. Be ruthless and throw, or give, away as much of your junk as possible. You are not going to be taking it with you, so what is the point of keeping it? Doing this frees up storage space, so you can neatly put the items you do need to keep away in a drawer or cupboard.

Creating a clean and crisp look is an important element of home staging. You need to tidy away everything before the photos and videos are taken and do it every time you get a viewing. To help you to do this, invest in a big plastic bin for each room. That way, just before people are due to view your home you can spend a few minutes putting all of the family´s junk into the container, and just slop it into a cupboard. When everyone has gone you can pull it out, unpack it and get on with your life as normal.

Freshen up your decor

As you clean and tidy make a note of anything that still looks shoddy. You will have to paint these areas, or cover them up in some way. For example, you can buy some second hand rugs to cover up the fact that the pile of the carpet in front of the sofa has gone a bit flat.

The above are the basic principles of home staging. As you can see, it really is not that complicated. However, if you want more information, and a printable checklist, just click here.

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