Pram safety: A buyer’s guide

Are you in the market for a pushchair or pram? They are among the first purchases that you will make as new parents, though you shouldn’t rush when buying this equipment as you want to make sure that it is safe enough to carry your child.

Therefore, double buggy stockist Babythingz has answered the main questions that you should consider to ensure you make the best investment for you and your bundle of joy:

Which safety labels should be present on a pram or pushchair?

There are a couple of important labels which should be present on any pram or pushchair that has caught your eye, whether new or used.

For one, look for a label that includes the code BS 7409 or the mark BSEN 1888:2003 — somewhere around the frame or on the seat covering are usually the spots to find them — as they showcase that the equipment complies with either British Standard/European Standard 1888: 2012 or British Standard/European Standard EN 1888:2003.

Keep an eye out for a permanent label with the words ‘CARELESSNESS CAUSES FIRE’ present too. Such a tag indicates that the pram or pushchair complies with stringent flammability requirements, which is law as set out in the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.

Which aspects of a pram or pushchair should I check?

Once you’ve found the safety labels of a pram or pushchair, work through the following checklists to ensure that the equipment perfectly meets your needs:

The brakes

  • Are they easy to apply?
  • Do they engage properly once applied?
  • Do they hold the equipment securely in place? This should be the case even when the brakes are applied on a hill or when the under-storage compartment is full.
  • Do they work in both forwards and backwards motions?

The safety harness

  • Does it fit easily and securely over a baby’s shoulders?
  • Does it fit easily and securely around a baby’s waist?
  • Does it fit easily and securely between a baby’s legs?
  • Do the buckles of the harness easily clip together? Likewise, do they easily come back apart?
  • Do the straps of the harness contain any tears?

The wheels

  • Are they fitted securely to the pram or pushchair?
  • Are they showing any signs of damage?
  • Are they showing any signs of heavy wear, particularly around the edges?

Injury prevention

  • Can a baby’s fingers get caught inside any part of the pram or pushchair, such as around closing mechanisms or along open-ended tubes?
  • Are sharp edges present anywhere?
  • Is the frame bent anywhere?
  • Is the fabric torn at all?

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