Where to Promote Your Blog Giveaway to Get Thousands of Entries

I’ve seen in some Facebook blogging groups recently quite a few people saying that their giveaways have hardly had any entries and could anyone help them. In most of my giveaways I usually get thousands of entries because I share my giveaway link in lots of different places online – places where you are allowed to share your giveaway and where lots of people go to enter them.

I thought it might be helpful for newer bloggers (or anyone who is new to running giveaways) if I put together a list of great places to promote your giveaways, and if you’re not new then maybe you’ll find one or two more places to promote it anyway.

You can add your giveaway on all of these sites for free – it doesn’t take long at all, and then people will come! It doesn’t seem to correlate that the higher the value prize, the more entries you will get – and in fact it often seems to be quite the opposite, so don’t worry about that.

Prizefinder – You don’t have to register with Prizefinder to add your giveaways, but you do have to fill in your email address along with the other info you provide about your giveaway. Go to ‘Add a comp’ on the right hand side at the top, and fill in your details.

Superlucky Di – Di has a brilliant website about online competitions, and she also has a great linky for bloggers to add their giveaways to – ones either ending the current month, or the month after. Go to ‘Comps’ at the top, and then Blog Comp Linky, pick your month and follow the instructions.

MSE – MoneySavingExpert is a VERY popular site, but you’re not allowed to add your own competitions to the forum, so if you can find a nice friend to add it for you then that’s great. Often your giveaway will get picked up somewhere else and someone will add it to MSE for you which is cool.

Loquax – You have to sign up to Loquax before you can add your giveaways, but that’s easy enough. Then once you’re signed in, go to ‘Competitions’ at the top > ‘Add competitions’ and scroll down to the link where you can add them, and click the big yellow button and add your details!

Competition Database – You have to register and log in to post again but another very easy site to use. Go to ‘Add comp’ at the top and add the link.

Facebook Groups – Competitions and Giveaways (UK only), Competitions and Giveaways, and Blog Competitions and Giveaways are three I use, but there are loads. They all have different rules though so make sure you read up on them; most of them you add the requested info (end date, prize, link) to the thread for the day your giveaway is ending, but check. I don’t always bother with this anymore, becuase I’m lazy, but occasionally I will.

Britmums  – they also have a forum where you can add your giveaway but you do have to join the ‘Community’ before you can post. Just go to the ‘Add a discussion’ link and add the details there.

Other linkies – there are other blogs that have linkies that you can add your giveaways too, so look out for them if you feel like you need more. But I feel like I get plenty of entries just using the sites above and it only takes me about ten minutes to add a giveaway to them all.

You can also share giveaways and competitions using the hashtags, #freebiefriday and #winitwednesday, obviously on appropriate days. Also don’t forget to add #win and #giveaway to any tweets you put out, including if you include the option to tweet about the giveaway in your Rafflecopter widget, which you should as then people are automatically promoting it for you when they enter.

I find (and have heard from others) than competitions that end at a weekend, and particularly on a Sunday do best, as people obviously have more time to enter them then. I always end them on a Sunday if I possibly can, and usually run them for 3 or 4 weeks, some people prefer two (but I’d like to keep the traffic going for as long as possible!).

Do you have any places you recommend to share your giveaway? Add it in the comments if so and I will add it to the list.

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